Finding the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

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Ah — summer camp. For some kids, summer camps mark the best time of year, and the friendships they make at summer camps can last a lifetime. But when it comes to picking the best one, there are a lot of

Finding the Right Summer Camp

One thing I never anticipated as a parent was the need to plan so much, and so far ahead. Maybe I don’t like to think about it because the kids are getting bigger so quickly and the years are flying


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The New Year came so quickly and now we’re back in the flow of school activities, birthday parties, and so many other things. This month, we are going to a playdate for my little man invited by the mom of

How Your Child Can Benefit From Learning a Second Language

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Hola! Guten tag! Bonjour! There are plenty of languages that our world uses to communicate. Learning a second language not only helps your child learn to connect with the world around them, but it can also increase their cognitive skills,

Orlando’s Best Fall Festivities

Does the start of fall have your kids feeling the back-to-school blues? Spending some quality time with your little ones on the weekends can help break them out of their funk. Lake Forrest Prep, one of the top Orlando private

Fall Festival!

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Parents Corner is a glimpse into life at Lake Forrest Preparatory School.  Follow along throughout the school year in our Parents Corner blog as we take you through a year at LFPS. If it wasn’t still 100 degrees outside, we

Getting Dirty: 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Almost as much as the earth impacts us, we impact the earth. Showing our appreciation for the world around us — even just for a day — can produce substantial results. Let’s make our planet healthier! Here are five ways

Dealing With School Anxiety in Young Children

Heading back to school after summer break means meeting a new teacher, making new friends, and sometimes transitioning to a new school building. Young children may find this process a bit scary and intimidating. Our staff recognizes that school anxiety

The Importance of Summer Camps

Summer is finally here, and finding a way to keep your kids entertained throughout the summer months can be a challenge. While it’s easy to let kids spend hours watching television or playing video games, it’s not the only option.

The Importance of Summer Reading

Encouraging your child’s love of learning doesn’t have to stop when school lets out for the summer. In fact, the School Library Journal reported on a study that revealed summer reading programs actually lead to a boost in student achievement.