Getting Dirty: 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Getting Dirty: 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Almost as much as the earth impacts us, we impact the earth. Showing our appreciation for the world around us — even just for a day — can produce substantial results. Let’s make our planet healthier! Here are five ways you can.

Recycle Waste
Think of all the trees that don’t need to be chopped down if we can break down all the paper products we already have and reuse them? Metal can be crushed and repurposed. Plastic can be separated and melted for other purposes. It’s a great practice to make a habit, so share the knowledge!

Preserve Water
Great ways to not be as wasteful is to turn the tap off when we brush our teeth or time our showers to be shorter. Only turn the dishwasher and laundry machines on when they’re full. Most importantly, keep your eyes out for any leaks in your house; look under the sinks and behind the toilets. You could save yourself thousands of dollars per year — as well as gallons of water.

Lights Out
It’s so easy to walk out of a room or leave the house after we’ve forgotten to turn the lights off. Think of that great electricity bill if we started getting into the habit of turning things off when we don’t need them. Open up the windows and let your eyes adjust to the dimness. Ask yourself  if the thing that you’re doing requires light. If not, you’re literally doing the world a favor by keeping it off!

Reduce Plastic
Plastic can’t break down over time, which means it pollutes. Millions of animals die every year from digesting our discarded trash — primarily marine life. Check around your house for things made of plastic, and determine whether or not you can find a glass or wooden replacement. Cups, containers, straws, toothbrushes, and bags all have environmentally safe options. Consider bringing bags with you to the grocery store instead of relying on the cashier’s plastic ones.  

Go Outside
Getting out of the house is important for both our mental and physical health. Appreciating and becoming engulfed in nature can clear the mind of stress and improve creativity. While you’re outside, you can switch off everything in the house and go all natural. The more time spent outdoors, the less harm done.

Spend this Earth Day really surrounding yourself in the natural treasures this world has to offer. All efforts made to help out are more than worthwhile. So, gather up the family and spread this insightful knowledge provided to you by our preparatory school, Lake Forrest Prep. For more interesting information on a variety of different topics, please check out the rest of our news page!