Outdoor Activities

Girl on a swing

With more and more time being spent at home, you don’t want your child to spend their entire summer vacation staring at a screen, but there’s also only so many things you can do in your own backyard, right? Wrong!

Preparing for High School: Classes

Person with head behind a giant stack of books

It may feel like it’s still the first day of classes, but for our graduating students, high school is just around the corner! Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, is here to help you prepare for the next step

Collecting Pennies

Person placing a coin into a blue piggy bank

Budgeting money is something that adults do every single day of their life. But to your child, money seems like a much more simple concept. Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando preparatory school, has ways to help teach your child about

Staying Focused

Person writing in notebook while holding calculator

Winter break has come and, unfortunately, gone. And getting back into the swing of things can be quite difficult. Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, is here to help you and your child stay on track and focused

Preparing for Our Daughter’s First Sleepover

Shoes and sleeping bags on the floor

Countless times over the past few years we have talked to our daughter about sleepovers.  Usually, it starts with her telling us that she is going to have a sleepover at one of her friend’s house.  Sure, you have that

Setting Goals This New Year

To-Do List

The new year is here, and with that often comes a “new year, new me” mentality. But setting goals isn’t as easy as saying what you wish to change. You need to set goals that are reasonable and attainable, and

How Your Child Can Benefit From Learning a Second Language

Pink coffee mug that says "La vida bonita"

Hola! Guten tag! Bonjour! There are plenty of languages that our world uses to communicate. Learning a second language not only helps your child learn to connect with the world around them, but it can also increase their cognitive skills,

Baking Up a Storm

Variety of Assorted Cookies

The holidays are a great excuse to spend some quality time in the kitchen with your child while indulging your sweet tooth. These recipes, from Orlando, Florida private schools, are a great way to get the holiday season started.  Gingerbread

Entering the Big Leagues: Kindergarten!

Parents Corner is a glimpse into life at Lake Forrest Preparatory School.  Follow along throughout the school year in our Parents Corner blog as we take you through a year at LFPS. As parents of two small children, we are

Mind Your Manners

One of the biggest responsibilities parents face is showing our children how to properly navigate the world around them. This includes the often challenging process of teaching kids proper manners and etiquette. But teaching manners doesn’t have to stress you