The New Year came so quickly and now we’re back in the flow of school activities, birthday parties, and so many other things. This month, we are going to a playdate for my little man invited by the mom of a friend in his class. I’m excited to take him to something just for him. The truth is we rarely do. It’s the unlucky lot of being the little brother. He gets to do so many things but, my goodness, is he more often than not the tag-a-long to his big sister’s adventures.

As a mom of two, I often get caught in a comparison between the two kids. I try to stay away from the ​who did what quicker, who is more outgoing, who is shyer​. Instead, I regulate that thought the most I can to let it remind me how beautifully different every single person on the planet is… knowing that my two babies nurtured and loved the same amount could be so different.

Boy playing with building blocks

I also recognize the difference in myself as a second-time mama. I’m established in my ways and routines, friendship circles, and such. If becoming a mom for the first time was an earthquake, then my second kiddo was more of an aftershock. A disruption for sure but not nearly as much as the first time.

When we first got to Lake Forrest, our parenting was as fresh and new as our little baby girl. And sure I knew a few other moms out in the big wide world. But overall, I was lonely and overwhelmed. I looked to our nursery room teachers for guidance. I heeded their instructions when they told me things that would make our days/nights at home more consistent. And I was eager to meet other parents with kids the same age.

One of the most beautiful things about our school is the sense of community and longevity of the families attending. Today, my daughter’s besties are the same kiddos from when we started in the nursery room at six months old. We set up playdates and special events to attend and see each other at many a birthday party. We text throughout the week regarding classroom reminders and funny anecdotes from the kids.

And so I hadn’t quite noticed that my little guy didn’t have friends yet. When I looked at my calendar this January for the playdate, I realized I’d been entirely checked out in my son’s class! We say hello at drop-off or pick-up and enjoy special parties in the classroom. But he’s three now, and he’s talking about his friends at school. Of course, birthday parties will be starting, and we’ll be pumped to meet his little crew. It’s time to get my head in the game and be the little social butterfly mama I know I am! Little man is going to be forming his own friendships and relationships, and I’m excited to watch it all blossom.

If there’s one thing that never gets old about being a mom is watching my tiny babies turn into little humans. Lake Forrest provides them the most loving place to do that.