Does Your Child Need Glasses?

It’s hard to picture a child, especially a young one, needing glasses when there are so many adults out there with 20/20 vision. Worse yet, if they don’t speak up and talk about how much they are struggling to see,

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Adults aren’t the only ones who have trouble falling asleep; kids have trouble sleeping too! Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, has tips to help you fight the bedtime battle and make bedtime a relaxing experience. Limit Screen TimeIf

Introducing Technology

In a world full of smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart refrigerators, it’s inevitable that your child will be introduced to technology. As a parent, you want to introduce your child in a safe and responsible manner. Lake Forrest Prep,

Play Ball! Why Your Child Should Be Playing Sports

Between the television, cell phones, and the newest video game console, screens are everywhere. This seems normal for our children who have grown up around technology, but getting off the sofa is still an important part of childhood. Lake Forrest

Rockin’ Around the Highway

Are you traveling somewhere this holiday season? Whether it’s a trip to Grandma’s or a family vacation, it’s important to be prepared for anything the road — and a bored child — throws at you. Lake Forrest Prep, a private

Make the Most of Family Dinners

Spending quality time with the family can be tough, especially when you’re juggling work, social obligations, and the kids’ extracurricular activities at their private school in Orlando. With everyone constantly on the go, many parents are forced to sacrifice quality

Welcome Back: Making the Transition

The school year is just around the corner, which means the season of fun and relaxation is drawing to a close. For your kids, the end of summer and the start of a new school year can be a bit

Make Learning Fun: Educational Places to Visit This Summer

Finding fun, family-friendly excursions to go on with both young and older kids during the summer can be a challenge. You want to supplement their education from the premier private schools in Orlando, but it’s important to make sure they’re

Sun, Sand, and Science

Here in Orlando, we’re lucky to live so close to the beach that making summer trips to the sand and surf is as easy as hopping in the car. Though playing in the waves and building sandcastles are excellent ways

Dealing With School Anxiety in Young Children

Heading back to school after summer break means meeting a new teacher, making new friends, and sometimes transitioning to a new school building. Young children may find this process a bit scary and intimidating. Our staff recognizes that school anxiety