Calming Anxiety

Boy hiding his face

Unprecedented times have increased almost everyone’s worries, and your child is not immune to feeling anxious. However, learning to recognize the signs of anxiety and teaching your child effective coping mechanisms can greatly reduce the stress that anxiety can cause. 

Being Ambitious

Boy in a red shirt

Ambition is a crucial life skill. It helps us go farther in our careers, our education, and our hobbies and passion, and it’s an especially important skill to teach your child early on. But how exactly do you encourage your

Preparing for High School: Classes

Person with head behind a giant stack of books

It may feel like it’s still the first day of classes, but for our graduating students, high school is just around the corner! Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, is here to help you prepare for the next step

Collecting Pennies

Person placing a coin into a blue piggy bank

Budgeting money is something that adults do every single day of their life. But to your child, money seems like a much more simple concept. Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando preparatory school, has ways to help teach your child about

Why Your Child Should Be Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Dice on top of dungeons and dragons game

Dungeons and Dragons seems to be surging in popularity — and with good reason. This immersive game encourages players to build a world, exercise creative thinking, and even practice their math skills. That’s why Lake Forrest Prep, one of the

STEM Christmas Gifts For Your Child

wallpaper that is black and green atoms and spaceships

The gift-giving season is here, and this year, we encourage you to give your child the gift of knowledge — with a fun and exciting twist. These STEM-themed gifts will encourage your child to keep learning but will guarantee they

Baking Up a Storm

Variety of Assorted Cookies

The holidays are a great excuse to spend some quality time in the kitchen with your child while indulging your sweet tooth. These recipes, from Orlando, Florida private schools, are a great way to get the holiday season started.  Gingerbread

Mark Your Ballot!

Sign of "I Voted" next to a board that says "Voting Day"

As the next presidential election draws closer, your child may notice the signs of an upcoming election that pop up in anticipation of the big day — television ads, bumper stickers, and even actual signs in front of houses and

Entering the Big Leagues: Kindergarten!

Parents Corner is a glimpse into life at Lake Forrest Preparatory School.  Follow along throughout the school year in our Parents Corner blog as we take you through a year at LFPS. As parents of two small children, we are

Incorporating STEM at Home

STEM stands for: science, technology, engineering, and math, and at least a couple of those words can prove to be difficult subjects for some of us. If we teach our children from a young age that STEM is around us