Lunch Menu

Lake Forrest Prep has partnered with Bagel King to provide catered lunches for our Primary – 8th grade students! Bagel King offers nutritious school lunches that are healthy and freshly prepared.

Check out their website at to sign up and start ordering lunches for your child. Monthly lunch menus will be posted, and you can pre-order lunches through the end of each month. You can also order as late as 6am the morning that you want lunch delivered! Their website offers more information on their lunches and how the program works.

A few items to remember: 

  • Bagel King is available on Mondays-Thursdays. Bagel King is not available on Fridays or non-academic days. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please make sure you are selecting the correct date when ordering from Bagel King. Their website will show all available lunch dates for the month, even those in the past, so please be sure you’ve checked the appropriate date.
  • If your child is attending an all-day field trip, please remember not to order for that day.

Bagel King handles all aspects of the lunch program, including invoicing and payment. If you have any questions about the menu, preparation of the food, allergens, or billing, please contact Bagel King directly at