Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Adults aren’t the only ones who have trouble falling asleep; kids have trouble sleeping too! Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, has tips to help you fight the bedtime battle and make bedtime a relaxing experience. Limit Screen TimeIf

Introducing Technology

In a world full of smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart refrigerators, it’s inevitable that your child will be introduced to technology. As a parent, you want to introduce your child in a safe and responsible manner. Lake Forrest Prep,

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Ah, yes — cold and flu season is here. It’s that wonderful time of the year where when someone coughs, you find yourself running to the nearest sink to wash your hands. If you or your child develops a cough,

What a Great Idea! Encouraging Creative Thinking

Whether it’s fingerpainting, putting on plays, or playing the recorder, encouraging creative thinking can help your child develop a lifelong love of learning. Even more — creative thinking can encourage critical thinking! By being taught to ask questions, use the

Play Ball! Why Your Child Should Be Playing Sports

Between the television, cell phones, and the newest video game console, screens are everywhere. This seems normal for our children who have grown up around technology, but getting off the sofa is still an important part of childhood. Lake Forrest

Bringing Biology Back: 3 Science Experiments

Biology is a fascinating subject that your child can study in depth at their Orlando private school. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get them excited about science right at home! With a little creativity and planning, you’ll

4 Tips for Staying Healthy

The school year brings fun and countless opportunities for your child to learn at their private school in Orlando. However, it also brings with it the increased risk of colds, flu, and viruses. Nothing takes the wind out of your

Asking Good Questions

Kids are naturally inquisitive. It seems like there’s almost always a new question on their minds, whether they’re at home or attending class at their Orlando private school! Though their enthusiasm for learning helps them create questions seemingly out of

Teaching Responsibility

As a parent, you strive to teach your child life lessons and values that will help them become the best person they can be. While helping them recognize the importance of rules and teaching them how to behave at their

The Importance of Civic Values

It’s hard to believe that the November elections are just around the corner. As adults, we understand the importance of doing our civic duty and participating in the government to the best of our abilities. However, for your kids attending