Valentine’s Day Treats

Two heart shaped cookies in separate bags

Valentine’s Day is coming up. This year, instead of sticking to the stereotypical conversation hearts, incorporate heart-shaped fun into a variety of treats!   Chocolate Strawberry Hearts Any holiday that gives us an excuse to eat handfuls of chocolate-covered fruit is

STEM Christmas Gifts For Your Child

wallpaper that is black and green atoms and spaceships

The gift-giving season is here, and this year, we encourage you to give your child the gift of knowledge — with a fun and exciting twist. These STEM-themed gifts will encourage your child to keep learning but will guarantee they

Giving Thanks

Everyone is sitting around the dining room table, bellies full of delicious turkey, decadent gravy, and scrumptious mashed potatoes when someone pipes up and asks “What are you thankful for this year?” Finding just one thing to be thankful for

Game On! How Video Games Can Help Your Child Learn

Parents are often warned not to let their children spend too many hours in front of their TV or computer screen. We hear that video games will isolate our children, make them aggressive, or simply “fry their brains.” However, recent

Encouraging Girls in STEM

Your daughter likes to get her hands dirty. She likes to break things apart and put them back together again, even if you’d rather the TV remote remained in one piece. Maybe you’ve had to play her patient twice a

Better Breakfast, Better Grades

The days you skip breakfast can often be your most unproductive. You’re sluggish, unable to concentrate, and are counting the hours down until you can take lunch. It’s not different for your kids. A healthy breakfast can help them improve

Preparing for Back to School

What do you mean it’s time to prepare for back to school? Didn’t summer just start? After long days in the summer sun, the school year can creep up on you before you’re ready. Lake Forrest Prep, one of the

Developing a Green Thumb

The hot summer months are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors with your child. A great activity that you can do together is gardening! Teaching your child how to plant and care for a garden will help

A Summer Full Of Learning

School is out! And your child has worked hard all year long. They are ready to spend the summer relaxing, but what if you could combine fun with learning for an educational experience? Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, has

Explore Your State Parks, They’re Fun!

Is this a new species? What kind of plant is that? Can I eat these weird looking berries? The sense of wonder that nature brings to adults — let alone children — is amazing. Exploring state parks is a great