Teaching Your Child About Friendship

Does your child struggle to make friends? We recognize the role parental involvement plays in helping your child learn about friendship and how to be a good friend. You want the best for your children. Teaching them to be good

5 Benefits of Acting Classes for Children

Your child rushes home enthusiastically talking about how he wants to be an actor because the drama teacher talked to his class. Your first response might be to say no, since academics and sports take away a chunk of his

How to Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

It’s natural for children to feel shy around other kids. Some kids are born with confidence and can make friends quickly, and some take a little bit of time until they find the right people for them. Childhood shyness is

Tips for Encouraging More Physical Activity in Children

games, and all of these are great for development. However, one thing that should be encouraged is physical activity. Research shows that children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day for healthy development. Children love doing activities

Teaching Your Child About Cleanliness

Teaching your child to be clean at school is important for their health. Sometimes kids don’t realize that they must be careful when touching things like shared supplies and doorknobs because of germs. Children have to understand why it is

How to Help Your Child Stay Active in the Summer

Staying active over the summer is important so that children are able to return to school  physically and mentally healthy. We know that students want to relax over the break, but staying active is important for their health. There are

Helping Your Child to be Confident

Being confident as a child can be hard with the power of social media influencing even the youngest children. Being confident is important in childhood because it sets up our personalities and ability to interact in the world as adults.

5 Tips for Getting Your Excited Child About Reading

With summer in full swing, it can be hard to get your child to want to pick up a book. Reading is important to keep your child’s mind active when they’re not in classes over the summer. It can be

5 Fun After School Activities

After school activities can be hectic for busy parents. Keeping your child entertained without technology can be hard, but it is possible. We’ve gathered five of our favorite after-school activities that are sure to entertain your kid.  Trying Yoga Yoga

Math Tips for Elementary School Children

Math can be a hard subject for kids to master. There are a lot of concepts that involve relational properties that may go over some children’s heads. When beginning to learn about math, children need to be supported and have