6 Weeks – 4 Years

Children 24 months and younger enjoy a program uniquely designed for their age which stimulates language, cognitive, and social development. These experiences are implemented through Creative Curriculum and developmentally appropriate weekly themes. Daily activities include outside time, reading, singing, playing, and art.

TWO & THREE Year Olds

Independence, problem solving skills, decision making skills, and creativity are the foundation of learning in the early years. Teachers use the Preschool Core Knowledge Sequence to develop plans that support these goals. Pre-reading skills, fine motor skills, and math concepts are integrated into daily lessons.  Students enjoy music, PE, and Spanish classes daily.     

Our three-year-olds also use the World of Wonders curriculum to help build a strong foundation of literacy and continue to develop their social-emotional skills


PK4 is a strong kindergarten readiness program.  Students in PK4 have a good balance of academics and play, and we focus on building social skills and character education.   They enjoy music, PE, and Spanish classes daily.  PK4 students learn math, reading, and handwriting on a kindergarten level.

Reading: McGraw-HIll Open Court Reading is the foundation of the language arts program with practice in traditional phonics, reading fluency, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and writing. All grades use reading curriculum that is one grade level above current grade level. However, students may work at grade level or even 2 grade levels ahead.

Math:  Stepping Stones is a math curriculum that provides students with the foundations and understanding of math by using meaningful and engaging lessons, manipulatives, big books, and digital interactive resources. It provides review and reinforcement of previously taught math skills.  Math facts are taught in a teaching sequence that helps students grasp number-fact relationships and promotes retention of basic facts. All grades use math curriculum that is one grade level above current grade level. However, students may work at grade level or even 2 grade levels ahead.

Lake Forrest Preparatory School PK4 – Elementary School Uniforms 2022-2023

Lake Forrest Preparatory students are required to wear the uniform items from Lands’ End. Our parents agree to support the dress code and the uniform guidelines when they enroll.

  • Lake Forrest Prep students must wear uniforms on field trips.
  • Uniforms are not required on non-academic days.
  • LFPS Spirit Shirts may be worn on Thursdays with the uniform bottoms.
  • All tops, sweaters, and sweatshirts worn inside the classroom must have the LFPS logo.
  • During the colder weather, students may wear any jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt that must be removed when entering the building.
PK4 students:
  • May wear any LFPS logoed polo or collared shirt that is white, maize, or gray.
  • May wear any bottoms in khaki. (Any bottoms with belt loops must have a brown or black belt)
  • May wear any LFPS logoed jumpers or dresses in white, khaki, white plaid, or gray plaid. (Jumpers, dresses, & skirts must be worn with bike shorts.)
Shoes and Socks:

Athletic tennis shoes with laces or Velcro must be worn each day. No flip flops or slip-on shoes please. Boots may not be worn with the uniform. Any color socks may be worn if they are not a distraction. During the colder weather, any color tights or leggings may be worn.

Hair and Jewelry:

A Lake Forrest Prep student’s hair is neat and natural in color. Girls can wear any color hair accessories. For girls, simple stud earrings are approved jewelry. Dangle earrings, trendy bracelets, or ankle jewelry is not worn with the uniform. An appropriate watch may be worn, and religious jewelry is worn inside the uniform. Our students do not expose piercing of body parts other than ears for girls and do not expose tattoos, body paint, or body art anywhere. Girls do not wear makeup.

Physical Education Uniform

– optional for 3rd grade, mandatory for 4th

All PE components must be purchased from Lands’ End (except any Lake Forrest Prep spirit shirt may be worn for PE) and shirts must have a logo.

  • Essential t-shirt or Active tee – short/long-sleeved gray heather
  • Mesh or Athletic shorts – evergreen or stone gray
  • Sweatshirt – pewter gray
  • Sweatpants – evergreen or gray
Ordering from Lands’ End

Online: Go to and create or sign into your account. Include your student and school information in My Account (or find us using the Preferred School Number Search: 900048869).

Phone: Call 1-800-469-2222 and reference your student’s Preferred School Number 900048869, grade level and gender.