How Your Child Can Benefit From Learning a Second Language

Pink coffee mug that says "La vida bonita"

Hola! Guten tag! Bonjour! There are plenty of languages that our world uses to communicate. Learning a second language not only helps your child learn to connect with the world around them, but it can also increase their cognitive skills,

Baking Up a Storm

Variety of Assorted Cookies

The holidays are a great excuse to spend some quality time in the kitchen with your child while indulging your sweet tooth. These recipes, from Orlando, Florida private schools, are a great way to get the holiday season started.  Gingerbread

Entering the Big Leagues: Kindergarten!

Parents Corner is a glimpse into life at Lake Forrest Preparatory School.  Follow along throughout the school year in our Parents Corner blog as we take you through a year at LFPS. As parents of two small children, we are

Mind Your Manners

One of the biggest responsibilities parents face is showing our children how to properly navigate the world around them. This includes the often challenging process of teaching kids proper manners and etiquette. But teaching manners doesn’t have to stress you

Little Helper: Getting Your Kids to Love Chores

person mopping floor

Kids are messy; there’s no way around it. As a parent, you’re pretty accustomed to stepping over toys, navigating the LEGO maze, and are an expert when it comes to folding a fitted sheet. But there are only so many

Let’s Go LEGOs!

LEGOs have been a family favorite for generations, but did you know that they’re not just a toy? The colorful, multi-faceted bricks can be used to encourage STEM skills, and that’s exactly what Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, is

Giving Back This Summer

“Need a hand?” It’s a common phrase that is always greeted with positivity. It echoes through the actions of volunteers who do amazing work for their communities. There is always an opportunity to do thoughtful work for those who are

Summertime Snacks

Juicy watermelon, frozen bananas, and tangy pineapple all make great summer treats. Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, has some ideas to help you incorporate these healthy treats at home. Pineapple BeesCelebrate summer with a sweet

Encouraging the Arts

All children express themselves in different ways — the arts are just to name a few of them. How they interpret the world can be directly linked to the way in which a child expresses themselves. Either through picking up

Incorporating STEM at Home

STEM stands for: science, technology, engineering, and math, and at least a couple of those words can prove to be difficult subjects for some of us. If we teach our children from a young age that STEM is around us