Mind Your Manners

One of the biggest responsibilities parents face is showing our children how to properly navigate the world around them. This includes the often challenging process of teaching kids proper manners and etiquette. But teaching manners doesn’t have to stress you out! Lake Forrest Prep, the premier Orlando private school, has four quick tips to help you raise a confident, kind, and polite child. 

toddler sitting at kitchen table, smiling

Set Clear Expectations

Start by letting your child know exactly what you expect from them. Try giving them a manners vocabulary lesson, in which you give your child the tools they need to socialize politely. Teach your child the six most crucial words and phrases for polite interaction: “please,” “thank you,” “sorry,” “may I,” “excuse me,” and “no thank you.” Let your child know when they should use those phrases. When your child has clear, direct expectations, they can follow these directions more easily.

Model Good Manners

Has your kid ever come home with a new bad word in their vocabulary, claiming they heard the swear from another kid on the playground? Then you know that our little ones learn everything by watching others. In order for kids to learn proper behavior, they have to see that behavior in action. So, you should model polite manners not only when speaking directly to your child, but also when speaking with other adults. Setting a good example this way will help your child learn how to use good manners.

Positive Reinforcement

It can be difficult for younger kids to understand why they need to use good manners. When asking your child to practice politeness, use positive reinforcement to motivate them to learn these important habits. You can do this by creating a “good job” jar. Place a clear jar in a place your child can see it. Whenever your child uses good manners, place a bean or marble in the jar, and if they forget to do so, remove one object from the jar. Let your child know that once the jar is full, you will reward them with a special snack or toy.  The “good job” jar helps your child set goals and visualize their progress towards developing polite habits.

Correct On The Spot

If your child does mess up and forget their manners, help them by gently correcting their behavior right there. Letting your child know they did something inappropriate as soon as it happens helps them connect better to exactly what they did. This way, they’re less likely to make the same mistake, because they will remember being corrected in the moment. Just remember to correct your child’s mistakes with sensitivity and patience. Learning manners takes time, and scolding could discourage your child rather than help them! 

With these simple tips, you can help your child develop polite habits that will last a lifetime. As a top Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep aspires to nurture excellence in all children. To find out how Lake Forrest can help your child grow, visit our website at lakeforrestprep.com or call (407) 331-5144.