Best Educational Magazines for Students

Best Educational Magazines for Students

When you think of getting better at reading, books often come to mind as the key way of doing that. However, they’re not the only tools! There are tons of educational magazines out there for children. They can often hold a child’s attention better than books, thanks to their thin pages, enticing images, and clever headlines. Here are a few of our favorite educational magazines we think private school students would love: 

Highlights High Five

This colorful magazine is aimed at pre-K aged children. It includes everything from short stories to poems that integrate sight words into the text. It also has fun hidden features for kids to enjoy with each edition! 


Brainspace Magazine is perfect for kids ages 8-14. This science-based mag keeps younger students up-to-date on massive scientific discoveries — all while explaining complex concepts at an age-appropriate level. The magazine also offers interactive opportunities through augmented reality learning tools and extended online content for subscribers. 


If your child isn’t quite ready for Brainspace but loves science, try ASK. This science and nature magazine is aimed at children ages 6-8. Unlike Brainspace, ASK dips into the arts rather than strictly science-based information. 

National Geographic Kids

Everyone’s favorite science magazine has a kids’ edition (two in fact!). National Geographic has a storied legacy of educating adults with the latest information from around the globe. Its children’s magazines offer the same quality storytelling but for a slightly younger audience. Don’t worry; the imagery is just as stunning in the kids’ magazines as it is in the standard version. 


If you’ve got an older child with a wacky sense of humor, consider getting MUSE. This arts and sciences magazine is known for its offbeat humor and colorful pages. The goal is to combine topics like genetics, space exploration, and modern art with a whimsical and quirky presentation. 

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