Weathering the Storm: Teach Your Kids About Hurricanes

Living in Orlando has a lot of benefits. We have wonderful weather almost year-round, the beach is always close by, and it’s always easy to find something to keep the entire family entertained. However, as much we love this city,

Be More Than a Bystander: Stopping Bullying

Bullying is no joke. Each year, countless kids are bullied at school, in afterschool programs, and even on public playgrounds. With bullying becoming such a prominent problem for students in both public and private schools in Orlando, it’s more important

Your Guide to After School Activities

The start of the year at your child’s Orlando private school is the perfect time to get them involved in new extracurricular activities. They’ll have fun, learn new skills, and build a strong, varied social circle with classmates they may

Welcome Back: Making the Transition

The school year is just around the corner, which means the season of fun and relaxation is drawing to a close. For your kids, the end of summer and the start of a new school year can be a bit

3 Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

There’s no denying that healthy foods are essential for your child’s development and academic performance at their private school in Orlando. For most parents, packing lunches every day throughout the school year can be a challenging task. After all, a

Make Learning Fun: Educational Places to Visit This Summer

Finding fun, family-friendly excursions to go on with both young and older kids during the summer can be a challenge. You want to supplement their education from the premier private schools in Orlando, but it’s important to make sure they’re

Sun, Sand, and Science

Here in Orlando, we’re lucky to live so close to the beach that making summer trips to the sand and surf is as easy as hopping in the car. Though playing in the waves and building sandcastles are excellent ways

Dealing With School Anxiety in Young Children

Heading back to school after summer break means meeting a new teacher, making new friends, and sometimes transitioning to a new school building. Young children may find this process a bit scary and intimidating. Our staff recognizes that school anxiety

Turn Your Backyard Into a Waterpark

There’s no denying that summer in Orlando is incredibly warm, leaving most families seeking refuge in the air conditioning. Fortunately, there are more ways to cool off during the heat of the summer than settling in front of the television.

The Importance of Summer Camps

Summer is finally here, and finding a way to keep your kids entertained throughout the summer months can be a challenge. While it’s easy to let kids spend hours watching television or playing video games, it’s not the only option.