STEM Christmas Gifts For Your Child

STEM Christmas Gifts For Your Child

The gift-giving season is here, and this year, we encourage you to give your child the gift of knowledge — with a fun and exciting twist. These STEM-themed gifts will encourage your child to keep learning but will guarantee they have fun doing it.

Silver telescope on desk next to globe


From chemistry to math, science surrounds us. Encourage your child to connect to science through these exciting gifts. 

  • Crayola Color Chemistry Set: Think of this as your classic science experiment all grown up. This colorful chemistry kit includes instructions for 50 experiments, including exploding volcanoes and creating glowing worms!
  • Crystal Growing: Encourage a love of the world around them with this crystal growing experimental kit. With the materials to perform seven different experiments, this kit includes growing compounds and mixtures, as well as detailed instructions.   


Every time your child uses a phone, computer, or laptop, they’re engaging with technology. Encourage them to learn how an app functions with these thought-provoking gifts. 

  • Star Wars Coding Kit: May the force be with… your code! This coding kit gives the unfamiliar world of coding a space-themed makeover where you can learn to pilot X-Wings or control your very own lightsaber.
  • Code and Go Mouse Mania: This game encourages children five and up to “compute” their mice as fast as they can to the cheese wedges scattered across the board, building basic coding skills through tactile play. 
Child holding jar full of lights


The next time you take your child to a theme park, point out the construction of the ride. Its engineering is what makes the ride, well, go! Engineering gifts can encourage your child to consider how things work. 

  • Magformers Sky Track: Designed for ages three and up, Magformers Sky Track encourages children to customize monorail-like courses. Customization encourages creative play while putting their spatial reasoning skills to work.
  • K’NEX: While this classic building toy may have gotten a makeover, the basic structure is the same. Using rods and connectors, your child can build anything they can dream of — from a rollercoaster to an entire city!


Fostering a love for mathematics early can prevent it from feeling like a chore later down the road. Consider these brainy, zany, and fun gifts.

  • Shifu Plugo Count: In this AR-powered game, your child will be taken through a series of story-based challenges that can only be solved using simple math. Great for children ages five to 10, this game encourages children’s auditory, visual, and tactile senses.
  • Sumoku: This game combines crossword puzzles and numbers to give your kids the perfect math workout! Five game variations, including both solo and team play, means the entire family can get in on the fun!

At Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, we encourage all children to never stop learning. This holiday season, consider the gift of STEM to make learning even more powerful. To learn more about raising a science lover or encouraging girls in STEM, check out our blog.