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Best Family-Friendly Movies

pexels-photo-57043Spending time together as a family is important, and what better way to bond with the ones you love than over a movie and some popcorn? Of course, in order for the movie night to be a success, you’ll need to select a flick that is appealing to both children and adults. The staff at Lake Forrest Prep offer a few suggestions to get you started off on the right foot.

  1. Big

Big is rated PG and premiered back in 1988, but it remains an excellent family film. Tom Hanks plays Josh Baskin who makes a wish at 12 years of age that, when granted, leaves him inside a 30-year-old body. While parents appreciate the storyline, the kids will get a big kick out of Josh testing toys at work and learning what it’s really like being a grown up.

  1. Shrek

Shrek is one of the few cartoons that captures the attention of all audiences, whether you are two or 102. The first movie in the franchise was released back in 2001 and was rated PG. The sequels were equally as charming and would also make for a fun-filled family movie night. Mike Myers does an excellent job of playing the loveable and not-so-scary, big, green ogre, while Cameron Diaz shines as Fiona. The addition of storybook characters is a hit with the kids, while many of the jokes are geared toward the adults.

  1. Brave

Brave is the story about a feisty redhead named Merida who doesn’t want to be like every other girl. The film is rated PG and has plenty of hilarious characters to keep children entertained, like Merida’s little brothers, Wee Dingwall, and the Witch. Parents will enjoy the battle sequences, as well as appreciate the overall message of the movie.

Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, aspires to create an atmosphere where school is an extension of the family: a school environment where teacher, parent, and student interactions involve solid connections, enriching lessons, and responsibility on the part of all three participants. We encourage parents to visit our campus blog for helpful tips or contact us for a tour of our campus!

Fall Crafts That Are Perfect for Kids

turkey-590600_1920The variety of colors that appear each autumn are not only beautiful, but inspiring as well. The professionals at Lake Forrest Prep believe crafts are an excellent way for children to express their creativity, and what better muse than the scenes viewed during harvest time? Read on to discover a few fall crafts that you can put together with your kids this season.

Sparkling Leaf Ornaments

Make a few leaf ornaments to decorate an outdoor tree or to use as refrigerator magnets. Start off by creating clay leaf that will harden when left out. Simply combine one cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of cornstarch, and 3/4 cup of water. Use a leaf-shaped cookie cutter after rolling the clay out to fabricate your individual leaves.

Next, set the leaves aside for about 12 hours so they have time to dry out. Decorate each leaf by painting on a layer of glue and then covering that glue with glitter. Once the glue dries, all you need to do is shake off the excess glitter over a trash can.

Jack-O-Lantern with Interchangeable Faces

Instead of constructing a pumpkin that only has one face, why not design it to have multiple looks? Take a paper plate, and color it orange using either a crayon, marker, or paint. Glue a small brown rectangle to the top center of the pumpkin to represent the stem.

Now comes the fun part. Cut different shapes out of black construction paper for the Jack-O-Lantern’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Remember you want multiple looks for each. Place Velcro strips on the pumpkin where the facial pieces should go. Attach the opposite side of the Velcro strips to the shapes you cut out earlier. Give your pumpkin a face and then change it whenever you fancy!

Turkey Lunch Bag

Turn an ordinary brown paper lunch bag into a turkey. Start off by tracing your hand on a piece of dark brown construction paper, and make sure you don’t forget the thumb! The next step is to cut out and decorate your hand turkey as much as you’d like; make sure to color in his eyes, beak, and feet. You can add feathers and designs on the rest of the finger cut outs using colors like red, yellow, and orange. This will give your turkey some character!

Finish your lunch-bag turkey by gluing or taping it onto the front of the bag. Stuff with your lunch, and you’ll be ready to show everyone at school the next day!

Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, aspires to create an atmosphere where school is an extension of the family: a school environment where teacher, parent, and student interactions involve solid connections, enriching lessons, and responsibility on the part of all three participants. We encourage parents to visit our campus blog for helpful tips or contact us for a tour of our campus!

5 Ways to Promote Healthy Bedtime Routines

baby-1151351_1920The National Sleep Foundation stresses how important sleep is for children, as it affects the child’s mental and physical development. We know how difficult it can be to get your little one to bed on a school night. We have compiled a list of five ways you can help promote a healthy bedtime routine in your household so that your kids wake up refreshed and ready to learn.  

  1. Start Scaling Back Bedtimes
    As the end of summer nears, you’ll want to start getting your children in bed much earlier. Instead of drastically reducing their bedtime from 9:00 pm to 8:00 pm, gradually scale back the time over a few weeks before. For example, you could have your kids in bed at 8:45 pm week one, 8:30 pm week two, and 8:15 pm week three. The children will then be ready for their 8:00 pm back-to-school bedtime.
  2. Schedule Time to Unwind
    It is difficult for most children to fall asleep after being active all day. One way to prevent this is by scheduling a small block of time (20 to 30 minutes) to unwind. You can read your child a book, play a board game, or put together an age appropriate puzzle.  
  3. Create a Calm Sleeping Environment
    Parents can transform their child’s bedroom at night so that it promotes rest and relaxation – making it easier to fall asleep after a long day. Installing a dim night light, turning on a soothing sound machine, and placing a few of their favorite stuffed animals on the bed are all excellent ways to create a calm sleeping environment.
  4. Give Kids a Choice
    While there are times when you need to tell your child what to do, there are also times when you can empower them by them a choice. Bedtime provides the perfect opportunity for this. Start off allowing them to select the pajamas they want to wear and then move over to the bookshelf, where they can pick out an evening story. You may also want to give them a choice between water or milk before bed, which comfort object they’d like to hold, and how many hugs and kisses they want.
  5. 5. Turn Bedtime into Something Special
    Find ways to turn bedtime into something special between you and your child. This gives little ones a reason to look forward to going to bed. You could reserve this time for cuddling and telling stories or sharing a light snack while chatting about the day. You can even get creative and make your snack resemble an animal or insect.
  6. The key to a healthy bedtime routine is consistency. After following the schedule for a few days, your child’s body will begin to adapt and they’ll be ready for school the following morning.

Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, aspires to create an atmosphere where school is an extension of the family: a school environment where teacher, parent, and student interactions involve solid connections, enriching lessons, and responsibility on the part of all three participants. We encourage parents to visit our Orlando private school blog for helpful tips or contact us for a tour of our campus!

5 Ways to Help Your Child Keep Track of Their Belongings

playroom-1246839_1920Although it’s frustrating when your child forgets to bring their lunch box home from school or when they lose their shoes for the 15th time, it’s important to know that this is common among children who are going through a transition period. Instead of punishing your kids, here are five tips to help your children start keeping track of their belongings.

  1. Make Sure Everything Has a Place
    Kids are much more likely to pay attention to their possessions if each item has a set place where it belongs. Install a few hooks for backpacks, hats, and raincoats and place a shoe rack at the bottom of your child’s closet. You can purchase bins and label them for blocks, craft supplies, and hair accessories.
  2. Downsize
    Sometimes children have a hard time keeping track of their belongings because they have too much stuff. Try taking a Saturday to go through each item in the room and evaluate whether that item is really needed. You can also use this opportunity to teach your little one about donating to those who are less fortunate.
  3. Establish Routines
    Healthychildren.org points out that kids do best when they follow routines that are consistent. Some daily practices that may be helpful are requiring your child to hang their backpack up as soon as they get home from school or plug their cell phone into the charger before bed. It won’t be long before that routine turns into a natural habit, which will result in your little one always knowing where their belongings are.
  4. Create a Chart
    If your child tends to be forgetful, you can create a chart or checklist for them to go over as needed. For example, you can place a note in child’s backpack with a list of items that should be place back in for the return trip home. They can pull it out before getting on the bus and check to ensure everything on the list is in their bag.
  5. Teach the Value of the Items
    Older children are capable of learning the value of the items they lose. The next time they misplace a soccer ball, take him to the sporting goods store to discover the cost of a new one. If they doesn’t locate the ball, give them chores to earn money to buy a replacement. It won’t be long before they start understanding the costs associated with being careless and how important it is to look after one’s possessions.

Our schools are designed to reinforce what you’re already teaching at home. Not only are children taught academically, but they are also taught how to be responsible and productive members of society.

Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, aspires to create an atmosphere where school is an extension of the family: a school environment where teacher, parent, and student interactions involve solid connections, enriching lessons, and responsibility on the part of all three participants. We encourage parents to visit our Orlando private school blog for helpful tips or contact us for a tour of our campus!

How to Have Stress-Free School Mornings

boy-457236_1920Mornings during the school year can seem especially hectic. Waking up the kids, getting them to eat breakfast quickly, and searching for that lost shoe often leave parents and children feeling a bit stressed out. We understand how important it is to start your day off on the right foot. Below are a few suggestions that will help your family look forward to each sunrise, instead of dreading it.

Spend Time Prepping the Night Before
Parents can help their children pick out an outfit for the following day, including any socks, shoes, and accessories. That way there is no time wasted on indecision or looking for a missing piece of the outfit first thing in the morning.

Kids that prefer to bring a lunch from home can also help prepare their meal before going to bed. Afterward, take a few minutes to go through the little one’s backpack. Check for any papers that need to be signed or any information about important future school events. When you’re finished, you can set the backpack by the front door.

Get Up Before the Kids
Most parents benefit from a few minutes of quiet before their children get up. Try setting your alarm 30 minutes before the kids need to wake. Use this time to sip on a cup of coffee, take a shower, or apply your makeup. When you begin your day in a relaxing and positive manner, your kids will follow suit.  

Keep Breakfast Simple
While an elaborate breakfast is tasty, it can be time-consuming to put together and eat. Instead, save this treat for a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. Throughout the school week, you’ll want to serve something that is quick to make, such as a bowl of oatmeal and a banana or a healthy cereal with a cup of yogurt.

Make Rules for Electronics and Entertainment
In order to keep your mornings stress-free, you’ll need to keep your children focused on getting ready for school. This means eliminating any possible distractions, such as morning cartoons and games on an iPad. Instead of telling the kids they can’t use these devices, set a rule for when they can. Perhaps you’ll allow 15 minutes of a television program during breakfast, or maybe you’ll strictly keep the electronics as an afterschool activity to give the children a way to unwind after a long day.

Once you begin following these tips, you’ll notice your mornings run like clockwork and no longer feel stressful.


Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, aspires to create an atmosphere where school is an extension of the family: a school environment where teacher, parent, and student interactions involve solid connections, enriching lessons, and responsibility on the part of all three participants. We encourage parents to visit our Orlando private school blog for helpful tips or contact us for a tour of our campus!

How to Improve Childhood Education Outside of School

pexels-photo-207697The importance of education reaches far beyond the classroom. Children start learning from the second they arrive in the world. They learn your faces, they learn their ABC’s, and they learn to count. Slowly but surely, your child is ready to take on the world. But, not without reinforcement in school and at home. The Orlando private school experts are here to give you tips and tricks to creating the best learning atmosphere for your children, to keep them expanding socially and academically.

Explore the World

One of the best things you can do for your child is to let them explore. Now, don’t let them go off on their own anytime they want, but do it with them. Learning is not something you only do from preschool through college. It is not only notebooks and backpacks. Learning is lifelong. You and your child should often analyze, question, and discuss everything you see. Whether you’re driving along the road and your child asks “what’s that sign for?” or you’re at the zoo and your child wants to pet the goats, take every opportunity you can to reinforce and teach your child about the world around them. You may learn a thing or two as well.

“Everyday Education”

Teaching does not always have to be with textbooks and math equations, sometimes something mundane like baking cookies can teach your child math and science skills. Practicing a hobby or throwing a ball can even lead to discussions of teamwork, history, and statistics. Teaching can happen in the most mundane, day-to-day tasks, you just have to open your eyes to find it.

Explore Different Cultures

Museums are a great way for your child to learn about different people and different walks of life. Teaching isn’t only about STEM subjects either, it’s important for children to be well-rounded. That’s why the arts are equally as important. Taking your child to a play or an opera, if they can sit still long enough, may teach them about passion and hard work. They may even pick up another hobby or two along the way.

As you can see, reinforcement is a quick and easy way to help your children as they grow. With these tips and tricks, your child is sure to prosper in their Orlando private school. If you’re looking for more tips or interested in scheduling a tour, contact us today!

Engaging Books to Read with Your Child

As apps and iPads take over the world, reading can easily become one of the hobbies pushed under the rug. It’s sometimes easieboy-1312107_1280r to give your child an educational game to play or to place them in front of the TV to watch Barney. Private schools in Orlando, on the other hand, encourage reading with your children instead. Although schedules may get busy, the benefits far outweigh the cons. Here is a list of engaging books to read with your child:

Younger Kids

Older Kids

Here are just a few of the many books that your child could benefit from. Although these aren’t your typical textbooks filled with practice sentences or math times tables, these books will bring out the imagination within your child. Imagination is a great way for your children to learn while at home. Practice attention span by reading a chapter or two a night. Start with shorter books or series and then move on to more in-depth stories and novels.

When your child isn’t at school, they rely on you to reinforce the lessons they’re taught at private schools in Orlando. Taking the time to read with your child is an important step to take when teaching your children to grow into a well-rounded adult, academically, physically, and socially. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks or looking to schedule a tour, contact us today!

STEM Crafts Perfect For Your Prep Student

bath-2562326_1280We all know most kids hate homework. Learning? Forget about it. Although most fun activities only border educational, there are some specific crafts that your child can create with education at the forefront of their minds. These crafts that incorporate STEM learning are perfect for any future scientist, mathematician, or engineering buff attending Orlando private schools.

Bath Bombs

This doubles as a cool, STEM craft and fun bath time. All you need is baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salt, water, olive oil and the essential oil of your choice. You can keep it simple with a sphere-shaped mold, or you could spice it up with different shapes. This fun craft incorporates math by using specific measurements, and once dry and thrown in the bath, watch your child’s amazement and use this as a great opportunity to reinforce some science!

Rocket Ship

With this clever trick, your child can transport their toys from one side of the room to the other. Use removable adhesive wall hooks, tacky glue, a swivel-eye pulley, and duct tape to create the coolest rocketship your child has ever seen. The pulley brings in science and engineering, make sure you tilt the strings attached from wall to wall to show your child the magic of gravity.

Yard Launcher

All you’ll need for this project is a yardstick, a metal can, rubber bands and ping pong balls. The yardstick works as a rigid beam while the metal can make the perfect fulcrum. When you place the ping pong balls to one end and your child step on the opposite end, they will end up flying! You can show your child cool tricks, like placing the ping pong balls at different points on the yardstick to see how much force it takes to move them.

If you’re looking for something creative and educational, look no further. These STEM crafts are perfect for any student, young or old, to relive the classroom in their home. Reinforce lessons learned in math and science classes taken at Orlando private schools. Check out our blog or contact us for more tips and tricks!

3 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater at School

child-eating-881200_1280If you’ve ever wondered who your child’s arch-nemesis is, it’s their stomach. Sometimes, you just can’t seem to get your kid to enjoy any food you make. Instead of taking it personally, we believe it’s time to flip the script. At Orlando private schools, we know how picky students can be. And how difficult it can be to get your child to eat their vegetables, or anything other than butter pasta, but these small steps could have your child on their way to eating vegetables with every meal. Yes, every meal.

Start Small

Every parent knows the face. When the nose gets scrunched and your child’s lips are closed tight. We know what you’re thinking…not again. It’s important for kids to learn boundaries and compromise. When it comes to food, give your child some options. No, they can’t have chicken fingers every night even though it’s their favorite, but giving them the option to choose gives them a little more responsibility and say in what they eat.

No More Side Dishes

If there’s one thing a kid hates, it’s the green stuff on their plate. From string beans to broccoli, I mean, could you imagine your child eating a brussel sprout? Well, have no fear. Incorporating vegetables into the meal, rather than as a boring side dish, could be the cure! If your child loves pasta, try creating a vegetable-based sauce. Mixing vegetables in with rice or their eggs just might end up being your child’s favorite entree.

Save Some Room for Dessert

A great way to encourage your children to eat is by rewarding them with a sweet treat. If your child hates chicken but loves strawberries, tell them if they try one bite, they can get a strawberry surprise later. Mixing healthier desserts, like yogurt with granola, or peanut butter and bananas can give your child the nutrients he lacks during mealtime while encouraging them to at least try the dinner beforehand.

It’s time to say goodbye to frustrated dinner time. Although it can sometimes feel like the children run the house, by enacting these three small steps, you will become the ruler all over again. If you want more parents tips and tricks, visit our blog page or feel free to contact Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, to learn more!


3 Ways to Learn Outside of the Classroom

pexels-photo-207653Teaching children is not always an easy task. It’s important, as a parent, to reinforce what your child is learning inside the classroom at home. This doesn’t have always have to be something specific, there are plenty of small ways to ensure your child is taking what they learn and incorporating it into their everyday life. The Orlando Private School, Lake Forrest Prep, is dedicated to bettering your child’s love for education and preparing them for higher education and further. Here are some ways you can help as well:

Focus on Your Child’s Interests

Is your child interested in sports? In science? Writing, reading, math? There has to be something that sticks with your child! It’s easy to get involved early on, so start by asking your child what they learned in school today. They will typically begin with what interested them first. Take this and think of ways you can manifest this in your household. If your child shows an interest in math, ask them to help you measure ingredients for dinner that night. If they’re more interested in reading or history, ask them to help you research an important moment in history. As an added bonus, instead of using the Internet, take your child to the library to help them learn through reading and researching in encyclopedias.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Helping your child learn shouldn’t always be about learning from text books. Textbooks are actually a quick way to get your child to become uninvolved in their studies. Instead, opt for new techniques. Kids love practicing science experiments using household tools, or counting their cereal pieces. Play games that stimulate your child’s brain, like Scrabble. You could even practice their hand eye coordination by playing various video games online like Minecraft. These will help your child see learning something new as fun and enjoyable, and not as mundane as regular studying.

Be Open to Learning

It’s important for your child to notice your interest in particular subjects as well. So, ask yourself, do you like math? Do you like science? History? Finding out where your interest align not only encourage your child to seek these subjects out as well, but they also help you teach them properly and help you understand how your child learns.

Every child learns in different, unique ways and it’s important to find the connection between you and your child, so you can reinforce what they may be learning in their classroom. Orlando private schools are expected to teach your child throughout their student career, but it’s important for parents to know and reinforce their children’s learning capabilities at home to ensure that students become well-rounded individuals in class and beyond. To learn more about Lake Forrest Prep School, read our blog or contact us today!


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