Cooking With Kids: Engagement in the Kitchen

Children who spend time in the kitchen with their parents are learning more than how to cook. When kids help prepare the family meal, they become more invested, making them more likely to try new foods. Cooking allows for a

Help Your Child Focus at the End of the School Year

Once the weather starts warming up and the end of the school year is in sight, students begin to lose their focus. Instead of focusing on the coursework in front of them, they spend their time daydreaming of the adventures

4 Special Ways to Surprise Mom This Mother’s Day

This year Mother’s Day falls on May 13th. While a bouquet of flowers and a handmade card are always appreciated by moms, kids may want to consider surprising the most important woman in their lives with something unexpected. Make this

Preparing for High School

Colleges will look at a student’s entire high school career during the admissions process, which is why it is essential for students moving up to high school to take time to prepare themselves for the next four years. The staff

What Style of Learner Are You?

Not all children learn the same way. Back in 1992, Neil Fleming came up with the VARK model, which categorizes students as one of four different types of learners – visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. The experts at

Get Dirty: Why Your Kids Should Be Gardening

While winter has its charm, spring is definitely an exciting season. Temperatures begin to rise, and flowers start to make their appearance. The Orlando private school professionals at Lake Forrest Prep know how important it is for kids to spend

Spring Has Sprung: Family-Friendly Activities in Your Own Backyard!

After being cooped up all winter, your kids will be itching to get outside and have some fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of spring activities that the entire family can take part in, right in your own backyard. To encourage

Study Tips for Middle Schoolers

By the time your child reaches middle school, they will begin having more responsibilities when it comes to reading assignments, homework, and tests. It’s the perfect time for parents to help their young students learn how to be disciplined in

Back on Track: Post Spring Break Engagement

Spring break is an excellent time for kids to get outside, relax with family, and enjoy the Easter holiday. After taking the long break, however, it can be hard for students to get back into the daily grind of classes,

The Magic of Cooking: Engaging Your Child With Science Through Food Science

In order for students to develop a lifetime love of learning, it is essential to capture their attention at a young age. One method for drawing students into science is through the use of food. Read on to discover how