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STEM Crafts Perfect For Your Prep Student

bath-2562326_1280We all know most kids hate homework. Learning? Forget about it. Although most fun activities only border educational, there are some specific crafts that your child can create with education at the forefront of their minds. These crafts that incorporate STEM learning are perfect for any future scientist, mathematician, or engineering buff attending Orlando private schools.

Bath Bombs

This doubles as a cool, STEM craft and fun bath time. All you need is baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salt, water, olive oil and the essential oil of your choice. You can keep it simple with a sphere-shaped mold, or you could spice it up with different shapes. This fun craft incorporates math by using specific measurements, and once dry and thrown in the bath, watch your child’s amazement and use this as a great opportunity to reinforce some science!

Rocket Ship

With this clever trick, your child can transport their toys from one side of the room to the other. Use removable adhesive wall hooks, tacky glue, a swivel-eye pulley, and duct tape to create the coolest rocketship your child has ever seen. The pulley brings in science and engineering, make sure you tilt the strings attached from wall to wall to show your child the magic of gravity.

Yard Launcher

All you’ll need for this project is a yardstick, a metal can, rubber bands and ping pong balls. The yardstick works as a rigid beam while the metal can make the perfect fulcrum. When you place the ping pong balls to one end and your child step on the opposite end, they will end up flying! You can show your child cool tricks, like placing the ping pong balls at different points on the yardstick to see how much force it takes to move them.

If you’re looking for something creative and educational, look no further. These STEM crafts are perfect for any student, young or old, to relive the classroom in their home. Reinforce lessons learned in math and science classes taken at Orlando private schools. Check out our blog or contact us for more tips and tricks!

3 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater at School

child-eating-881200_1280If you’ve ever wondered who your child’s arch-nemesis is, it’s their stomach. Sometimes, you just can’t seem to get your kid to enjoy any food you make. Instead of taking it personally, we believe it’s time to flip the script. At Orlando private schools, we know how picky students can be. And how difficult it can be to get your child to eat their vegetables, or anything other than butter pasta, but these small steps could have your child on their way to eating vegetables with every meal. Yes, every meal.

Start Small

Every parent knows the face. When the nose gets scrunched and your child’s lips are closed tight. We know what you’re thinking…not again. It’s important for kids to learn boundaries and compromise. When it comes to food, give your child some options. No, they can’t have chicken fingers every night even though it’s their favorite, but giving them the option to choose gives them a little more responsibility and say in what they eat.

No More Side Dishes

If there’s one thing a kid hates, it’s the green stuff on their plate. From string beans to broccoli, I mean, could you imagine your child eating a brussel sprout? Well, have no fear. Incorporating vegetables into the meal, rather than as a boring side dish, could be the cure! If your child loves pasta, try creating a vegetable-based sauce. Mixing vegetables in with rice or their eggs just might end up being your child’s favorite entree.

Save Some Room for Dessert

A great way to encourage your children to eat is by rewarding them with a sweet treat. If your child hates chicken but loves strawberries, tell them if they try one bite, they can get a strawberry surprise later. Mixing healthier desserts, like yogurt with granola, or peanut butter and bananas can give your child the nutrients he lacks during mealtime while encouraging them to at least try the dinner beforehand.

It’s time to say goodbye to frustrated dinner time. Although it can sometimes feel like the children run the house, by enacting these three small steps, you will become the ruler all over again. If you want more parents tips and tricks, visit our blog page or feel free to contact Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, to learn more!


3 Ways to Learn Outside of the Classroom

pexels-photo-207653Teaching children is not always an easy task. It’s important, as a parent, to reinforce what your child is learning inside the classroom at home. This doesn’t have always have to be something specific, there are plenty of small ways to ensure your child is taking what they learn and incorporating it into their everyday life. The Orlando Private School, Lake Forrest Prep, is dedicated to bettering your child’s love for education and preparing them for higher education and further. Here are some ways you can help as well:

Focus on Your Child’s Interests

Is your child interested in sports? In science? Writing, reading, math? There has to be something that sticks with your child! It’s easy to get involved early on, so start by asking your child what they learned in school today. They will typically begin with what interested them first. Take this and think of ways you can manifest this in your household. If your child shows an interest in math, ask them to help you measure ingredients for dinner that night. If they’re more interested in reading or history, ask them to help you research an important moment in history. As an added bonus, instead of using the Internet, take your child to the library to help them learn through reading and researching in encyclopedias.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Helping your child learn shouldn’t always be about learning from text books. Textbooks are actually a quick way to get your child to become uninvolved in their studies. Instead, opt for new techniques. Kids love practicing science experiments using household tools, or counting their cereal pieces. Play games that stimulate your child’s brain, like Scrabble. You could even practice their hand eye coordination by playing various video games online like Minecraft. These will help your child see learning something new as fun and enjoyable, and not as mundane as regular studying.

Be Open to Learning

It’s important for your child to notice your interest in particular subjects as well. So, ask yourself, do you like math? Do you like science? History? Finding out where your interest align not only encourage your child to seek these subjects out as well, but they also help you teach them properly and help you understand how your child learns.

Every child learns in different, unique ways and it’s important to find the connection between you and your child, so you can reinforce what they may be learning in their classroom. Orlando private schools are expected to teach your child throughout their student career, but it’s important for parents to know and reinforce their children’s learning capabilities at home to ensure that students become well-rounded individuals in class and beyond. To learn more about Lake Forrest Prep School, read our blog or contact us today!

Weekend Activities That Can Help Refresh Your Child’s Brain

father-daughter-beach-sea-38302It was only a few months ago that the students of the Orlando Private School, Lake Forrest Prep, were dismissed to enjoy fun under the sun. Hopefully, what they had learned from the previous school year was not forgotten the moment they stepped off the campus. Here are a few ways to sneak in some lessons to help them freshen up their brains for during the beginning of the new school year.

Shell at the Beach

Get some vitamin sea and also sharpen their math skills with this fun activity. Gather as many shells of varying sizes and color as you can. Organize them and practice addition and subtraction exercises, as you organize or decorate a sand castle. For an even greater challenge, use multiplication and division as a way to test their thinking. Continue the fun by having a competition with whoever getting the questions correct first becoming the Shell King or Queen and gets to decided which shells they can bring home.

Arts & Crafts

It’s important to let your child express their creative side, especially when they’re tired and worn down from the beginning of the school year. Take your kid to a pottery class where they can mold their own sculptures and have free reign to reopen their imagination. Not only will this help your child wind down after a stressful week of school, but this will also get them to think out of the box, which will help them grow in their studies throughout the year.

Make History Cool

A lot of times, kids have trouble developing an interest in history because it’s mostly described in text books. Feel free to take your child to museums on the weekend, this will help them put history into reality and will open their mind to how things were “back in the day.” Although history is a tough subject area for kids to comprehend or find interesting, allowing your child to experience history through interactive museums will help them think critically, as well as understand different walks of life.

It’s important to not let your child burn out too soon into the school year. After a summer full of fun, relaxing, and vacation, it’s important to keep the fun alive throughout the school year. Visiting the beach, arts crafts, and interactive museums are a great way to keep your child refreshed and ready for a year full of learning.  If you’re interested in learning about Orlando private schools and how Lake Forrest Prep can help your child grow throughout their academic career, read our blog or contact us today to schedule a tour!

Determining Goals for the Next School Year

pexels-photo-207658As your child gets older, it becomes more and more important for them to learn how to set proper goals. When your child is younger, this is easy to reinforce with simple projects around the house. Orlando private schools believe every student should understand the importance of setting specific, measurable, achievable, reliable, and timely goals.

At-Home Goal Tally

Setting your child up for success at home is one sure-fire way to enable them to set and achieve goals inside and outside of the classroom. When your child completes a task, such as doing laundry, cleaning up their room, and emptying out their closet, consider rewarding them. You can keep track of their goals and their rewards on a poster that you can put on your fridge, in your office, or on the back of their bedroom door. Anytime your child completes a goal they set for themselves, give them a gold star. Once they reach a certain amount of gold stars, give them a choice. Whether they want ice cream, a new stuffed animal, or all of the above, it’s up to them at the end of the day to complete the goal to get the reward. This will teach your child the importance of hard work, goal setting, and never giving up.

Set SMART Goals

It’s not only important for your child to know how to set goals and how to achieve them, but it’s important they know how their goals should be calculated. This is why every child should learn to set SMART goals. SMART goals is an acronym for goals that specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. To make sure your child’s goal is specific, ask them questions such as: “what do you want to achieve?” “how will you achieve it?” In order to make sure the goal is measurable and achievable, ask your child how they will be able to tell when the goal is complete. Also, ask them when they want to reach their goal by. Making sure their goal is relevant and timely is the easy part. Make sure your child knows a reasonable time to complete their goal and make sure that it will benefit them in the long run, and is not just something short term. Ask your child when the goal is able to be complete, is it weeks, months, years?


Your child’s goals need to follow the SMART formula to ensure that they are growing and prospering. This could be within their academics, within their social life, or in your family. Setting your child up for success begins with helping them make, implement, and achieve goals that will help them in the long run. This can include behavior changes, lifestyle changes, or even help them boost their school grades. Orlando private schools help teach your children about setting SMART goals, but it’s something that needs to be reinforced by parents everywhere. If you want more tips, or are interested in attending Lake Forrest Prep School, you can read our blog or contact us today to schedule a visit!

Back to School is the Perfect Time for a Course in Money

business-money-pink-coins (1)No matter what age your child is, it’s important for them to learn the value and the responsibility that comes with having money. Whether this means saving for something they want, or learning how to shop for bargains and learn commitment, teaching your child while they’re young can save them money and teach them skills in the long run. Orlando private schools encourage you to teach your child the value of money, something that will help them throughout their child and further into their adulthood.

Summer Jobs

Jobs during the summer can be a great way for your older child to understand the value of working hard for their money. This can vary from hosting a lemonade stand with your youngest, to a 16-year-old’s first job at a grocery store. It’s important that your child finish the summer understanding the importance of commitment and trying their best. Guide them along by praising them when they get a customer, or a promotion. It will help them development great work ethic along the way.

The Allowance

Being a parent is a full-time job, and we understand that you may be balancing a second full-time job on top of that. A good way to keep your house tidy while you’re at work, and also a great way to teach your child responsibility is by setting chores around the house that they can complete during the week and on the weekends. Incentivising them with an allowance anytime they feed the dog, or mow the lawn, will ensure they keep up the good work and this will also help you out along the way.

Open a Savings Account

Encouraging healthy spending habits is great for kids who are just starting out with money. Opening up a savings account if they’re old enough, or even getting a piggy bank for the little ones will help them better account for their money. Don’t let me them spend this money until it’s for something they really, truly want. This can range from the stuffed animal they’ve wanted for months, or a concert they want to attend with their friends. Milestones like this will help your child understand the difference between saving for what they want, and blowing all their money on an impulse buy.

The Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, encourages parents to help their child learn the ins and outs of budgeting money and learning and maintaining great work ethic. There are many ways to instill this within your child from lemonade stands to working at grocery stores. It’s important for your child to take this into the real world, and to understand the importance of saving money and working hard for what you want. If you want to learn more about Lake Forrest Prep or get more tips, read our blog or contact us to schedule a visit!

It’s Not Goodbye, But See You Later for Mrs. Nayere

Nayere HamtiyarAfter 23 wonderful years at the Orlando private school, the head cook at Lake Forrest Prep, Nayere Hamtiyar, will be retiring. Before she came to the school in April of 1994, she owned a small restaurant. Her passion for cooking and warmth toward children aided in her decision to fill the growing bodies of the charming students at Lake Forrest Prep.

The happiest moments from her time here were the moments she was able to spend with her students. From seven o’clock in the morning to one o’clock in the afternoon, she helped students the moment they arrived to the school in their cars and into the classroom. She loved seeing the students and treated them as she would with her own. Mrs. Nayere enjoyed seeing their smiling faces daily just as much as they loved her food. Her scrumptious meals helped keep the student body’s energy going throughout the school day. Not only did she prepare nutritious lunches for the students, but also prepared delicious snacks for the preschoolers to munch on throughout the day.

She was always happy to hear when the students would tell her that they absolutely loved eating the lunch she whipped up in the kitchen with the rest of the friendly kitchen staff. So much so, that the students would go to their respective homes and ask for their parents to recreate it. The children would tell their parents, “That’s not how Mrs. Nayere makes it!” When she hears these stories, it would always brings a smile to her face.

Looking at the future, Mrs. Nayere is most excited to see more and more students enrolling and experiencing the amazing things Lake Forrest Prep has to offer. She believes this Orlando private school’s biggest strength is family. Everyone from the friendly staff to the loving families, they all take care of each other. Family is a very important value to her, so during her retirement she will be relaxing with her loving husband and will spend the majority of her time visiting family.

Despite the bittersweet departure, her huge heart will never leave the school as she plans to visit often. Mrs. Nayere will always love her school, her home, and will miss it terribly. At Lake Forrest Prep, we will miss her equally.

Celebrate Fourth of July With These 3 Activities

It’s almost Independence Day! In 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, and each year since, we’ve celebrated the United States of America. Since the kids aren’t in their Orlando private school during this summer break, there is definitely room for some fun and educational activities that commemorate this important holiday. From crafts to science experiments, there is an activity that will pique the interest of your child.

  • Liquid Fireworks

These fireworks are a safe and equally mesmerizing option for younger children. This experiment demonstrates how oil and water interact and the impact of relative density. For this activity, fill a jar with water. Have your child pour two tablespoons of oil into a measuring cup, and then ask them to add five drops of each of the following colors: red, blue, and yellow. Stir the colors into the oil, and pour the entire mixture into the jar at once.

Over time, the oil and food coloring floats to the top, but keep watching! The food coloring will eventually move back into the water in long, graceful strings of water, and the colors will separate. Take this time to talk about what is happening within the jar, and look forward to the real fireworks later in the day!

  • Patriotic Pinwheel

Invite the kids to help decorate before a Fourth of July party! Using a square piece of paper, have the children color one side with stars and one side with stripes. Talk about the meaning of the flag while they color. Then, draw lines from corner to corner of the square. Cut on those lines towards the middle, but stop about ½ an inch from the middle of the paper. Draw a small X on the right corner of each section, and then bend those corners into the center. Secure the pinwheel with a pin pushed through the paper and into an eraser. Then, talk with your children about how the wind powers the pinwheel.

  • Creative Painting

Get the creative juices flowing by helping your child paint some beautiful fireworks! You can provide a canvas, or even just a simple paper plate. Be sure to cover the table in some newspaper, because painting can get messy! Have children research how fireworks work and the colors of fireworks they want to paint. Provide their favorite colors, and invite them to paint using a number of tools: fingers, brushes, or even a a little plastic bag crumpled into a firework-shaped circle.

With these activities, children can celebrate Fourth of July, but they can also learn the importance and history of the holiday. It also serves as great quality time between parents and children. For more summer activity ideas, read our blog. To inquire about Orlando private school options for your child, contact us today!

Developing Strong Readers

Reading provides a countless number of benefits: a greater vocabulary, increased knowledge in general, more understanding of other cultures, and better performance in school. As a parent of a student in one of the best schools in Orlando, why wouldn’t you help your child become a better reader? This summer, your student will have more time on their hands, so it is a great time to work on sharpening those reading skills. Here are a few ways you can help develop your child into a strong reader.


  • Find appropriate books.


Every child reads at their own level. A friend of your child may be reading a certain series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for your child. By reading with your child, you can understand their reading capabilities. With that understanding, you can work with a librarian or do some research to help your child find books that are suitable to their level.

This also includes keeping your children’s interests in mind. For example, if your child likes ballet, a book like Bravo, Tanya, about a struggling ballet dancer, may be more intriguing. There are children’s books for almost any hobby, so finding books suited to your children’s interests won’t be difficult.


  • Spend time reading together.


Reading together can make a real impact on your child. First, it allows you to bond. It also allows you to help them sound out and learn the meaning of new words. The more your child grows their vocabulary, the more they will comprehend what they are reading. This will be an excellent skill to have throughout life.


  • Encourage your child to write.


Just as reading can help your child develop a variety of skills, so can writing. Writing also helps children develop creativity and individual thinking. With a few writing prompts, children will have many activities to complete throughout the summer, and once the summer ends, you and your child can look back and see how much they’ve progressed.

Reading is one of the most important skills for children to develop, and summer shouldn’t be a roadblock to their success. By taking the time to establish some positive reading habits this summer, your child will be ready to return to Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, in the fall ready to impress their new teacher with their reading progress and skills.

Make Summer Learning Loss a Thing of the Past

For many people, summer is easily their favorite season. Children see summer as a time of freedom and time spent outside. Unfortunately, along with increased free time comes summer learning loss. As one of the best schools in Orlando, we want to make sure you are aware of the risk of summer learning loss, and we want to equip you with the tools to ensure you child returns to school at the end of summer ready to learn.

There are a few summer learning loss statistics you should be aware of:

  • During summer break, 2.6 months’ worth of math skills are lost, the equivalent of one month of learning is lost, and two months’ worth of reading skills are lost.
  • Once students return to school, it can take them up to two months to get back on track.
  • By the time a child ends grade six, summer learning loss can cause them to be two years behind their peers.

Summer learning loss is a very real risk to children. The good news is that summer learning loss can be prevented with just two to three hours of learning. We’ve got some learning ideas that won’t take any fun away from your child’s summer vacation.

Visit the Library Bi-Weekly

The library not only offers a number of interesting books and experts to help the kids find new reads; it is also home to many summer programs where children can meet new friends and learn about new subjects.

Incorporate Technology

Through technology like educational apps or robotic kits, children can sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Technological toys can help children identify new interests, and educational apps can be used on car rides when children are already looking for something to keep them busy.

Take a Trip to the Beach

A trip to the beach is a quintessential Floridian summer tradition, but it can easily be infused with lessons in science. Teach your child about the animals, water, and the environment while enjoying the white sand and sunshine.

Invite Them to the Kitchen

Cooking can help children brush up on their math skills through measuring, multiplying, and mixing. Additionally, children learn to better follow directions by adhering to recipes. Cooking is also an opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their children.

The summer can lead to unwanted summer learning loss, but it doesn’t have to. With these easy activities, students can return to Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, as sharp as when they left.


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