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It’s Not Goodbye, But See You Later for Mrs. Nayere

Nayere HamtiyarAfter 23 wonderful years at the Orlando private school, the head cook at Lake Forrest Prep, Nayere Hamtiyar, will be retiring. Before she came to the school in April of 1994, she owned a small restaurant. Her passion for cooking and warmth toward children aided in her decision to fill the growing bodies of the charming students at Lake Forrest Prep.

The happiest moments from her time here were the moments she was able to spend with her students. From seven o’clock in the morning to one o’clock in the afternoon, she helped students the moment they arrived to the school in their cars and into the classroom. She loved seeing the students and treated them as she would with her own. Mrs. Nayere enjoyed seeing their smiling faces daily just as much as they loved her food. Her scrumptious meals helped keep the student body’s energy going throughout the school day. Not only did she prepare nutritious lunches for the students, but also prepared delicious snacks for the preschoolers to munch on throughout the day.

She was always happy to hear when the students would tell her that they absolutely loved eating the lunch she whipped up in the kitchen with the rest of the friendly kitchen staff. So much so, that the students would go to their respective homes and ask for their parents to recreate it. The children would tell their parents, “That’s not how Mrs. Nayere makes it!” When she hears these stories, it would always brings a smile to her face.

Looking at the future, Mrs. Nayere is most excited to see more and more students enrolling and experiencing the amazing things Lake Forrest Prep has to offer. She believes this Orlando private school’s biggest strength is family. Everyone from the friendly staff to the loving families, they all take care of each other. Family is a very important value to her, so during her retirement she will be relaxing with her loving husband and will spend the majority of her time visiting family.

Despite the bittersweet departure, her huge heart will never leave the school as she plans to visit often. Mrs. Nayere will always love her school, her home, and will miss it terribly. At Lake Forrest Prep, we will miss her equally.

Celebrate Fourth of July With These 3 Activities

It’s almost Independence Day! In 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, and each year since, we’ve celebrated the United States of America. Since the kids aren’t in their Orlando private school during this summer break, there is definitely room for some fun and educational activities that commemorate this important holiday. From crafts to science experiments, there is an activity that will pique the interest of your child.

  • Liquid Fireworks

These fireworks are a safe and equally mesmerizing option for younger children. This experiment demonstrates how oil and water interact and the impact of relative density. For this activity, fill a jar with water. Have your child pour two tablespoons of oil into a measuring cup, and then ask them to add five drops of each of the following colors: red, blue, and yellow. Stir the colors into the oil, and pour the entire mixture into the jar at once.

Over time, the oil and food coloring floats to the top, but keep watching! The food coloring will eventually move back into the water in long, graceful strings of water, and the colors will separate. Take this time to talk about what is happening within the jar, and look forward to the real fireworks later in the day!

  • Patriotic Pinwheel

Invite the kids to help decorate before a Fourth of July party! Using a square piece of paper, have the children color one side with stars and one side with stripes. Talk about the meaning of the flag while they color. Then, draw lines from corner to corner of the square. Cut on those lines towards the middle, but stop about ½ an inch from the middle of the paper. Draw a small X on the right corner of each section, and then bend those corners into the center. Secure the pinwheel with a pin pushed through the paper and into an eraser. Then, talk with your children about how the wind powers the pinwheel.

  • Creative Painting

Get the creative juices flowing by helping your child paint some beautiful fireworks! You can provide a canvas, or even just a simple paper plate. Be sure to cover the table in some newspaper, because painting can get messy! Have children research how fireworks work and the colors of fireworks they want to paint. Provide their favorite colors, and invite them to paint using a number of tools: fingers, brushes, or even a a little plastic bag crumpled into a firework-shaped circle.

With these activities, children can celebrate Fourth of July, but they can also learn the importance and history of the holiday. It also serves as great quality time between parents and children. For more summer activity ideas, read our blog. To inquire about Orlando private school options for your child, contact us today!

Developing Strong Readers

Reading provides a countless number of benefits: a greater vocabulary, increased knowledge in general, more understanding of other cultures, and better performance in school. As a parent of a student in one of the best schools in Orlando, why wouldn’t you help your child become a better reader? This summer, your student will have more time on their hands, so it is a great time to work on sharpening those reading skills. Here are a few ways you can help develop your child into a strong reader.


  • Find appropriate books.


Every child reads at their own level. A friend of your child may be reading a certain series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for your child. By reading with your child, you can understand their reading capabilities. With that understanding, you can work with a librarian or do some research to help your child find books that are suitable to their level.

This also includes keeping your children’s interests in mind. For example, if your child likes ballet, a book like Bravo, Tanya, about a struggling ballet dancer, may be more intriguing. There are children’s books for almost any hobby, so finding books suited to your children’s interests won’t be difficult.


  • Spend time reading together.


Reading together can make a real impact on your child. First, it allows you to bond. It also allows you to help them sound out and learn the meaning of new words. The more your child grows their vocabulary, the more they will comprehend what they are reading. This will be an excellent skill to have throughout life.


  • Encourage your child to write.


Just as reading can help your child develop a variety of skills, so can writing. Writing also helps children develop creativity and individual thinking. With a few writing prompts, children will have many activities to complete throughout the summer, and once the summer ends, you and your child can look back and see how much they’ve progressed.

Reading is one of the most important skills for children to develop, and summer shouldn’t be a roadblock to their success. By taking the time to establish some positive reading habits this summer, your child will be ready to return to Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, in the fall ready to impress their new teacher with their reading progress and skills.

Make Summer Learning Loss a Thing of the Past

For many people, summer is easily their favorite season. Children see summer as a time of freedom and time spent outside. Unfortunately, along with increased free time comes summer learning loss. As one of the best schools in Orlando, we want to make sure you are aware of the risk of summer learning loss, and we want to equip you with the tools to ensure you child returns to school at the end of summer ready to learn.

There are a few summer learning loss statistics you should be aware of:

  • During summer break, 2.6 months’ worth of math skills are lost, the equivalent of one month of learning is lost, and two months’ worth of reading skills are lost.
  • Once students return to school, it can take them up to two months to get back on track.
  • By the time a child ends grade six, summer learning loss can cause them to be two years behind their peers.

Summer learning loss is a very real risk to children. The good news is that summer learning loss can be prevented with just two to three hours of learning. We’ve got some learning ideas that won’t take any fun away from your child’s summer vacation.

Visit the Library Bi-Weekly

The library not only offers a number of interesting books and experts to help the kids find new reads; it is also home to many summer programs where children can meet new friends and learn about new subjects.

Incorporate Technology

Through technology like educational apps or robotic kits, children can sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Technological toys can help children identify new interests, and educational apps can be used on car rides when children are already looking for something to keep them busy.

Take a Trip to the Beach

A trip to the beach is a quintessential Floridian summer tradition, but it can easily be infused with lessons in science. Teach your child about the animals, water, and the environment while enjoying the white sand and sunshine.

Invite Them to the Kitchen

Cooking can help children brush up on their math skills through measuring, multiplying, and mixing. Additionally, children learn to better follow directions by adhering to recipes. Cooking is also an opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their children.

The summer can lead to unwanted summer learning loss, but it doesn’t have to. With these easy activities, students can return to Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, as sharp as when they left.

Take Advantage of Summer Free Time with These 5 Activities

Ah, sweet summertime: The sun is out, the kids are home from school, and of course, they are looking for some activities to keep them busy! At Lake Forrest Prep, we are an Orlando private school that is dedicated to keeping the minds and bodies of our students active during the school year, but we’ve also got some great ideas for the summer.

  • Set a goal to finish an entire book series.

During the summer, students lose two months worth of reading skills. This can be easily avoided by working with your child to identify a book series and set a goal to complete it by the end of the summer. By reading a little every night, children are able to keep their reading skills sharp, and you are able to spend quality time with your child.

  • Try a new sport.

If your child is interested in trying out for a new sports team in the new school year, the summer is a perfect time to gain some fundamental skills. It is also a great time for children to try out a variety of sports in order to learn more about which they are interested in.

  • Attend summer camp.

Summer camp allows students to meet new friends and become more independent. The City of Orlando offers a number of summer camp options based on the interests of your child. Whether your child wants to spend time outside or become an expert pottery creator, there is a summer camp option for them.

  • Start a garden.

Since the kids will be at home more often, this is the perfect opportunity to turn the backyard into an outdoor classroom! Children can learn more about plants and the earth, and they can even take what they grow in the garden and see how it can be used in the kitchen. If families maintain a garden each summer, this will quickly become an annual tradition that children look forward to.

  • Host a lemonade stand.

A good, old-fashioned lemonade stand can still be a great idea for your child. Kids can sharpen their math skills, learn the value of a dollar, and eventually spend their earnings on something they will really enjoy. Kids can even diversify their offerings and sell other items like homemade granola bars or sweet treats.

The summer is a season full of possibilities for your children. They might not be attending their Orlando private school, but they can still be learning! For more parenting ideas, check out our blog!

4 Easy Ways For Your Children to Show Love this Father’s Day

Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18, will be here before you and the family know it! Father’s Day is a special time for the whole family to show Dad a little extra appreciation and love. Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, has gathered this list of ways the kids can show Dad their love this year. Whether it is a handmade gift, a special activity, or just a “thank you,” this Father’s Day can be extra special for you, your children, and the all the fathers in your life.

  • Participate in Special Activities

When it comes to Father’s Day, sometimes a unique activity is the perfect way to spend some quality time together. If Dad has special skills, such as being an excellent handyman or craftsman, ask him to show the kids what he’s good at. This allows Dad to share, and the kids get to learn something new. If your children’s dad is particularly interested in sports, take some time to go outside and participate in a game of basketball or soccer. The kids can even take a walk or a swim with Dad.

  • Create a Homemade Gift

There is nothing more special than a gift with thought put into it. Families can create homemade cards, treats, or other trinkets for dad. Many of these gifts, aside from special treats, can be saved forever. Not only will the homemade items make Dad feel special on Father’s Day, but they will bring him joy every time he looks back on them.

  • Talk With Him

It means a lot to parents to impart words of wisdom to their children. The kids can sit down with Dad and talk with him about his childhood, his life experiences, and any advice he has. This will help them to bond and could leave a lasting impression on the kids and on their dad.

  • Make Sacrifices

Small sacrifices, even just giving up the remote for the night, can make Dad feel special. On Father’s Day, the kids can help create his favorite meal, clear their schedules to spend time with Dad, and give him full control over the day’s activities. These sacrifices may be small, but they can mean a lot.

This Father’s Day, enlist the help of your children to make it the best Father’s Day yet. These are some easy, yet effective ways to show Dad a little extra love. We hope that all of our Orlando private school students have an excellent day celebrating Dad. For more helpful tips, continue to read our blog!

Encouraging Your Child’s Early Art Projects

Having a toddler present you with their art is an important moment, and it’s equally important how you receive and encourage it. You may feel the temptation to look confused when the page holds nothing more than a scrawl of yellow or a typhoon of every color. “What did you draw a picture of?” is a question you shouldn’t be asking. Artwork and the creativity and self expression that comes with these projects is an integral part of your child’s development, so Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, explains why and how to encourage it.

Getting the Supplies

To encourage art, you need to make sure you provide the necessary materials and space. You can start out simply with crayons and paper, and later you can build up to paints, glue, scissors, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and more! There are so many ways to make art, just make sure that all the materials your child is using are safe and non-toxic. Also, supervise their art time to make sure the paint is going on the paper and not in their mouths. Finally, make sure they are wearing clothes that can get dirty in a space that can get equally messy.

The Difference Between Arts and Crafts

These terms are often used as synonyms, but they are quite different especially when it comes to your toddler’s development. Art is driven by pure creativity with no instruction, and crafts are determined by a set of instructions. They may use the same materials, but they have different goals. Crafting construction paper circles has a clear goal and one way of accomplishing it. This teaches the skill of cutting with precision, but the child won’t be exercising their creativity. Art gives the child free reign to create whatever they want, however they want.

How to Respond

Lastly, when your child presents their work to you, refrain from criticizing. Instead, you should ask about how the made it, why they choose to use those particular colors and shapes. Get them thinking about how their creation came to be and what it means to them. Also, expose you child to art in museums and open up a discussion of why an artist made the decisions that he or she did

Art is a great way for children to learn how to express themselves in a new way. Art doesn’t need words to tell a story, and this is a great lesson for children to learn. Promote this creativity in your children whenever you can. For more educational advice follow Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando Private school’s, blog.

Prepping for the Best Mother’s Day with Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the bend, so this article is aimed at the father’s out there who can help give their children give their mom a great Mother’s Day. The most important aspect of Mother’s Day is the appreciation. Mom’s do so much for their children, and this is a day to be recognized for all of that hard work and an opportunity to teach your children how to show love and appreciation. For ideas of how to pamper mom this Mother’s Day, Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, has outlined two different ways you can show mom the appreciation she deserves this May.

An Adventure

You can show your appreciation of all Mom does by planning a family outing. Go somewhere you know she loves like her favorite restaurant or another activity she might enjoy. If she loves animals, maybe it’s time for a family day at the zoo. Or, you could take her and your family somewhere new. The point is to create some new memories and enjoy some quality family time. Also, with you and the kids planning it, Mom won’t have to worry at all.

A Gift

When it comes to Mother’s Day, the more thoughtful the gifts, the better. There are tons of gifts you could give mom, but as long as it has heart, she is practically guaranteed to love it. Traditional gifts are always an option such as flowers or breakfast in bed, but don’t be afraid to try thinking outside the box. Help your kids write a poem, plan a skit, or create a presentation that outlines everything they appreciate about their mom. Some of these might take a little bit more work, but it will be fun for you to help your kids with and Mom’s smile when she receives her gift will make it all worth it.
Whatever kind of gift you get the mom in your life this Mother’s Day, make sure to have fun with it. By teaching you kids to have fun with gift giving, they can continue the tradition and get accustomed to showing their appreciation freely and sincerely. This will help them with future relationships they will have, whether they are with friends, teachers, or family. By starting with Mother’s Day, they can learn this skill, make Mom’s day, and later, it will be your turn for some appreciation in June. For more educational advice or information about Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando Private school, read our blog.

5 Reasons to Sign Your Children up for Summer Camp

Once school ends and summer begins, time seems to slow as your child has more free time than ever. It’s the perfect time to go to a camp. Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes; some are sleepaway camps that can last multiple weeks in another state, and others are day camps that can last as short as a week. There are camps for every interest, but is sending your kid to a summer camp something that interests you? For a developing child, summer camp has multiple benefits by keeping them active, learning, and growing, so before you make a decision for your Orlando private school student’s summer, learn about these positive impacts.

  • No Screens

When children have a whole summer season to play outside and interact with other kids their age, it would be a waste to exchange that valuable time in front of a screen. Camps offer a fun and exciting environment sans technology.

  • Physical Activity

Camps are great for keeping your child moving this summer by hosting sports and activities like soccer, basketball, tag, a ropes course, and so much more. These games also promote healthy competition in a wide variety of activities that help children build self-esteem.

  • Friends

Making friends is a huge part of camp. Your child will have the opportunity to meet a whole new group of people that they can practice befriending. Even if these friends leave after camp ends, the camper will still have had the experience of making friends and interacting, or maybe they end up making true friends whose friendship extend after camp for years after.

  • Independence

Camps often offer free time where the camper can choose which activity they wish to participate in. This gives them independence and autonomy in deciding what to do with their own time.

  • Skills

Many camps have classes or activities where children have the chance to learn new skills or develop existing ones. These skills could be as obscure as weaving to gymnastics, and there are camps that specialize in specific skills such as a soccer or math camp.

Summer camp and all of its benefits make it a great choice for spending those long summer months and making the most out of them. One great summer camp option is Lake Forrest Prep’s very own Elementary Star Camp, so you child can keep spending time at their favorite Orlando private school with their friends. This day camp has all sorts of fun activities and each week even has a fun theme. So when considering camp options, know that there is a great one right in your neighborhood!

9 Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is approaching in the first week of May, so make sure you take the time to show your teacher how much you care. There are so many options for what you can give your Orlando private school teacher, so get creative with these teacher appreciation ideas.

A Letter

One of the most thoughtful ways to show your teacher appreciation is by using your own words to say thank you. The most straightforward way to do this is by writing a letter. Tell your teacher how much they mean to you, give an example or two, and add in a couple illustrations if you wish. You could also make a colorful card like a high-five card: a card with your handprint and high-five written above it. You could even get your whole class in on the gift and make a scrapbook with pictures, words of appreciation, and little mementos from class to present to your teachers.


For a fun activity and a creative gift, try crafting. There are so many ways to get creative. One option is to give your teacher some classroom supplies she might need by giving it to her in a decorated mason jar. You could fill it with chalk, expo markers, sharpies, or any other supplies she always needs, and then tie it with a ribbon. You could also decorate a frame and put a picture of your teacher and you in it. For the teacher who is never without a book, you could make colorful bookmarks.


If you know more about your teacher’s interests, you have the opportunity to get her/him something specific to her likes. For example, if your teacher loves baking, you could give her an oven mitt gift: an oven mitt that contains a mixing spoon and a package of dry cake (or other desserts) mix. Or if your teacher is a movie aficionado, you could make a little movie gift basket with a movie and popcorn. For gardening, fill a plant pot with seed packets and a shovel, and to make it a little more personal, you can decorate the pot!

There are so many ways to show appreciation for your teachers, but never forget that the best way to show appreciation is by being a great pupil. Participate in class, volunteer, and have a good attitude to show your teacher that you care about him or her and the lessons. Don’t forget that teacher appreciation week is coming up, so use these ideas to show your Orlando private school teacher how much you appreciate them.


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