Real World Examples: Grocery Store Math

Real World Examples: Grocery Store Math

Math can be complicated — especially if you don’t have any real-life example to apply it to. Luckily, you can transform your weekly errands into a math lesson! Lake Forrest Preparatory School has tips to help you make the most of your grocery shopping.  

Addition and Subtraction
This is a great time to sneak in a lesson about the importance of budgeting. Before leaving for the store, set a budget. While you pick up items, have your child keep track of the cost of each item. At the end, add up all the items and then subtract that from your budget. Did you stay within your budget?

The 17-pound bag of cat food looks more expensive, but is it cheaper overall? Compare different brands and sizes, and help your child figure out which product gives them the most bang for their buck.

The produce section is a great time to test your child’s estimation skills! Have them hold two pieces of produce that are relatively the same size (think an onion and a potato). Then have them guess which one is heavier! Use the produce scale to see if they were right!

Math and money often go hand in hand. Let your child pick one treat, and help them find the right amount of money for it! If your children are older, ask for their help couponing. How much are you saving on that box of cereal if you use your coupon? You can figure this out while coupon cutting before your grocery trip! Not only will this save you time in the store, but it will also save you money.

A grocery store is a great place to practice multiplication! Because produce isn’t packaged, it’s often priced individually or by the pound. Calculate how much it would cost to buy seven ears of corn or two pounds of strawberries.

Lake Forrest Prepatory School knows that incorporating math into your everyday routine can help your child develop a better understanding of its importance. For more tips on incorporating math, practicing STEM at home, and how to help your child stay on track, check out our blog!