How to Help Your Child Improve Memory and Recall

When learning new ideas in school, some students find it challenging to remember them after class. Equipping students with the right tools to recall the information they learn is crucial to helping them develop strong memory skills. Tools like mind maps and rhymes will allow them to learn and feel creative at the same time. Here are some of the methods we recommend.

Mind Maps

Mind maps are a great way to visually represent what your child is supposed to learn. There are many different formats of mind maps that work for different learning styles. These maps visually represent how things interact with each other. Different formats allow for your children to see ideas in a refreshing new way. You can find some examples of mind maps here

Creating Rhymes and Songs

Using songs in teaching has been done for generations. We remember our ABC’s and 123’s because of the fun tunes that we would sing to recall them. Similarly, you can help your children to remember important concepts through rhymes and songs. For example, you can create rhymes for definitions or songs for multiplication/times tables. Creating fun ways to remember concepts will make your child more willing and excited to learn and participate in their academics. 

Use All Senses

Having your child use all their senses to remember concepts can strengthen muscle memory. For example, when learning about numbers and how they relate to each other in systems like subtraction and multiplication, you can provide your child with block numbers. Seeing the numbers, being able to feel them and being able to move them around will create a sensory activity that is bound to stick with them better than just solving a problem on paper. 

Have Your Child Teach You

The best way to know if you can retain information is by being able to teach someone else. Allowing your child to teach you the information that they learn is a great way to make sure that they understand what they’re learning. This can also help them learn to articulate their ideas. Being able to teach what they learn will allow your children to retain the information better and feel more confident in their knowledge. 

At Lake Forrest Prep, we love supporting our students in their academic life by helping them improve their memory and recall. As a leading Orlando private school, we want to encourage everyone to improve their learning skills by developing new methods to remember the important concepts we teach. To learn more about what sets us apart from other area schools, schedule a tour online or give us a call at 407-331-5144.