Staying on Track

Staying on Track

Not many children can simply dive into school and come up with their own ways of staying on top of their work and grades. Children tend to function by example, so showing them the correct habits will help boost them in the right direction to success!

Have a Healthy Sleep Schedule

It’s important that your children associate bedtime with sleeping. Making a big deal of the house going to sleep at a certain time will embed that boundary into your child’s mind. If adults aren’t staying up, then children don’t feel the need to either.

Keep Things Organized

Growing up in an orderly house can promote positive behavior towards keeping things clean and in check. Getting your children to join in on chores and actively praising them for cleaning their rooms is a great start. It’s so much easier to find things when they aren’t hiding in clutter, meaning they won’t need to be borrowing pencils from their peers every day anymore! Have a bag check in the morning to get your child into the habit of packing their own belongings.

Promote Homework Time

Did you know that some children would rather play video games all night than do their homework? Of course you do! Explaining to your child that they need to earn their playtime once their school work is done will not only help them keep up in the classroom, but it will also help them later on in life. Your boss definitely won’t be as understanding as your teacher when it comes to not finishing your work because you had to mine a few more blocks in Minecraft.

Be Enthusiastic and Positive Towards Good Behaviour

Reacting positively towards good behavior will establish a feeling of accomplishment after an otherwise strenuous task. Show that you are acknowledging them and are happy about what they’ve done. Eventually, they will associate getting things done with a sense of internal gratitude and burst of positivity.

Be Familiar With Your Child’s School

Knowing all about the school your child goes to can help you relate to some of the things they might be experiencing while there. Attending parent-teacher conferences is also a great way to ask questions of your own if your child doesn’t outwardly talk about school. Connect with parents, and reassure yourself of what’s going on when your child’s not home.

Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school is a proud host to do all they can to steer your child in the right direction. We hope to see every student taking what they’ve learned in their youth and using it in their future careers and endeavors. Contact us to arrange a tour!