Allergy-Friendly Lunches

Allergy-Friendly Lunches

Being restricted from eating certain foods can be a pain. When kids are told they can’t eat something they want, there’s bound to be a meltdown! However, it’s important to make children aware of what allergies are from an early age, whether because they have the allergy or people around them do.

There are eight foods that are common allergies:

  • Cow’s Milk
  • Eggs
  • Tree Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Shellfish
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Fish

Some of the big eight are easy to leave out of a child’s lunchbox, but wheat, milk, and eggs can be tricky since they can hide in a lot of products’ long ingredient lists. Here are some great alternatives to make sure your child and their friends are safe, sound, and satisfied!

Why Don’t You Try:

  • Almond or coconut flour? These substitutes for wheat are a true life saver, especially to diabetics. With a very low carbohydrate count, they can be mixed with creams and extracts to make delicious but healthy cookies!
  • Gluten-free wraps instead of bread! They might be thin, but just think of how much more you can fill them.
  • Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? Instead of mixing it with yogurt or cream, opt for a heavier mix of fruit and vegetables with water! Make sure to use a sealed cup.
  • Breaking up a meal with an option or two fruits and vegetables your child likes could shorten the process of figuring out what goes in their lunchbox.
  • Small snack packs like black olives, applesauce, and peaches.   

Try To Avoid:

  • Food that comes in obscure packaging. The ingredients on the back can oftentimes be confusing or misleading.
  • Food with loose nuts, like certain cookies and packets. There’s a chance one might accidentally end up in another child’s food or mistaken for something else.
  • Odorous foods like fish. Wheat, milk, and eggs aren’t the only allergies out there. Fish is a close runner up.
  • Greasy, cheesy, carb-tastic temptations such as pizza and fast-food, which are full of all three major allergens.

Most children are picky eaters, especially at a young age. Encouraging them to eat the right foods that will benefit them in the long run is always a good idea. Emphasize that fast foods should be eaten rarely to keep those bad habits of indulgence away. With these tips, you canhelp not only your child but the children they play with too by setting a good standard for eating well.

Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, only wants what’s best for all children. We believe that nobody should feel unsafe at lunch. For more tips and advice on not only health but other useful topics too, check out our blog! If you’d like to apply your child to this school, please contact us — we’d be happy to have them join us!