Classroom Anxiety

Classroom Anxiety

We’ve all heard it before, “Mom! I’m sick! I can’t go to school!” While it is crucial that your child goes to school, that hesitation could be a sign of another underlying problem: anxiety.  Some children are a little more reliant on their parents for social interaction and can find it difficult to feel comfortable unless they’re near a parent. This is called separation anxiety and is more common in children under the age of 8 but can present itself in all ages. Social anxiety, itself, effects fifteen million people in the US today, so it’s not just something kids experience!

Making Friends

Every child deserves a friend. Sometimes that can be a little tricky to achieve, however, if the child is unwilling to come out of their shell and interact with the other children. Encouraging your child to join extracurricular clubs can bolster their confidence when in the classroom as they’re getting the extra social time they might need. Soon, they’ll look forward to their weekly club meeting!

How To Help

Unfortunately, helping your child won’t be as simple as telling them not to worry; anxiety isn’t a problem that can go away with the snap of two fingers. Instead, there are a few solutions you can consider to ease your child’s stress so that they can feel comfortable in their classroom.

  • Have you considered therapy? Sometimes getting a professional involved can help you find clear and concise solutions.
  • Encourage a comfortable environment where your children can speak about problems openly. Many children lock up and don’t want to talk about their problems. Letting your child know that they are free to speak can help them work through it.
  • Get to know fellow parents! Befriending parents of students in the same year as your child can bring forth new social opportunities without the stress of necessarily being in the classroom.

Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, wants to ensure a comfortable environment for your child. One way we do that is through our prospective families. Our goal is to make sure that every child feels comfortable and excited to participate in classrooms. Contact us to set up a tour!