Play Ball! Why Your Child Should Be Playing Sports

Play Ball! Why Your Child Should Be Playing Sports

Between the television, cell phones, and the newest video game console, screens are everywhere. This seems normal for our children who have grown up around technology, but getting off the sofa is still an important part of childhood. Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, wants you to know why your child should be playing sports.

Athletics help students see that their hard work pays off. When they see that they can achieve their goals on the field, it teaches them that they can achieve any other goals they set. Children learn to trust their own abilities — on and off the field. Encouragement from coaches and teammates can boost a child’s confidence. Athletics also help children learn from their mistakes through constructive criticism, and they learn to listen to their coaches and peers and understand that they can always work to improve their skills.

Develop Healthy Habits
After-school athletics are a great way for kids to burn off extra energy. By getting active, kids discover the importance of being well-rested, how their bodies work, and how the food that they eat fuels their energy. Developing healthy habits at a young age not only helps kids stay in shape, but promotes health and wellness into adulthood.

Social Skills
When involved in athletics, children learn social skills that will help them throughout their lives. Listening to their coach and teammates, working together to solve problems, and communicating ideas are all valuable social and communication skills. Athletics teach the importance of teamwork and leadership, encouraging children to step up to the plate and listen to their peers.

It’s Fun!
Whether it’s on the pitch, the court, or the field, sports create lifelong memories. Once your child finds the right sport, they’ll be begging you to go play catch with them! Teammates and coaches start to feel like family, and being on the road for an away-game can feel like a field trip. And while the memory of their second-grade diorama may fade, they’ll never forget the thrill of winning the Little League championship.

Athletics give children a chance to get moving, get healthy, and get social. If you’re looking for a private school in Orlando that will encourage your child to develop healthy habits, contact Lake Forrest Prep and schedule a school tour.