Tips for Encouraging More Physical Activity in Children

Tips for Encouraging More Physical Activity in Children

games, and all of these are great for development. However, one thing that should be encouraged is physical activity. Research shows that children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day for healthy development. Children love doing activities that involve moving around and letting off their energy. Plus, being active helps get them out of their comfort zones, and they get the chance to discover new hobbies and what they like. Here are six tips for encouraging physical activity in children.

Encourage Them at a Young Age

Encouraging your child to go outside and do some age-appropriate activities, like taking a walk or riding a bike, is a great way for them to try new physical activities outdoors. By making playing around important, it underscores that physical activity is both fun and a priority. As a family, make a routine of nightly walks or morning stretches. This will help them learn about the importance of staying in shape, and they might even have fun doing it.

Involve Your Children in Your Own Routine

Showing children an example of an exercise routine can be a great way to encourage them to do physical activities. For instance, maybe you swim or go for a walk at a certain time during the day. By bringing your children along, you’re showing the value of physical activity.

Have Fun

Physical activity is fun, but each child has a different definition of what they find fun about playing. Expose them to a variety of different activities to help them figure out what kind of sports or activities they would want to do and be able to enjoy them. The most important thing is that they enjoy it and feel driven to do it. Sometimes we may feel stressed, and doing fun activities will help anyone unwind, no matter their age.

Help Them Set Goals

Setting goals that help explain why children are doing physical activities is a great way for them to be encouraged to do them. If your child loves stretching or yoga, you can help them set a goal of doing a split or holding a more advanced pose. Goals also help them stay motivated and gain confidence by showing their progress over time. Sometimes working towards a larger goal through smaller ones  can inspire  children to be more physically active.

Take Them Outside

Taking your children outside for a walk or for fresh air can help motivate them to do physical activities. Start by taking them outside after lunch or dinner, and see how it goes from there. You can tell them that they can invite their friends to play or do a family outing. 

Encouraging your children to do physical activities at a young age will help them be healthy and enjoy their youth. Sometimes doing physical activities is hard because you have school and other responsibilities. Encouraging them to be active when they have free time is a great place to start. Try little by little to get them outside and moving.

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