5 Tips for Getting Your Excited Child About Reading

5 Tips for Getting Your Excited Child About Reading

With summer in full swing, it can be hard to get your child to want to pick up a book. Reading is important to keep your child’s mind active when they’re not in classes over the summer. It can be taxing on children, so creating a fun environment for them may compel them to read more. Learn more about how to get your child excited about reading.

Dip into Audiobooks

Next time you’re in the car with your child, turn on an audiobook! Audiobooks are a great way to get some reading in when your child wants to look out the window and imagine things. It can be easier to listen to books than read them for some children, especially those that are aural learners. Make listening to audiobooks fun is by allowing your child to pick out the authors they enjoy reading. Most audiobooks are narrated in an animated voice to make listening to the book fun and exciting. 

Create a Book Nook

A book nook is an area dedicated to reading and storing books. This space can include a small bookshelf or basket as well as a chair or pillow for your child to comfortably sit on and read. Creating a dedicated space allows your child to get excited about reading in a particular place. It allows them to have a space outside of their normal space within the home. This area is a place where they can set up whenever they want to read and also an area where they can decompress and destimulate. Model reading in this area with your child to show them the ease and comfortability that a book nook can bring them. 

Celebrate Writers

Celebrate writers with your child, and help them to place the books they are reading into context. Learning about writers will teach children the process of writing and creating a book. This will allow them to visualize the process and storytelling that takes place when a book is made. You can celebrate writers by picking a new writer every week to teach your child about. Have a snack and read about these writers, and have your child pick out a quote from one of their books. This will broaden your child’s knowledge bank and introduce them to new authors. 

Take Books Everywhere

Placing books in all areas of your house and even in your car creates an opportunity for children to pick up a book and read it. When we see things constantly in different places, our minds are prone to reach for them and eventually look for them. You can also allow children to buy books when going to stores. This will create a sense of limitations for them and program their minds to want to buy books and not toys. Handing your child a book in place of a phone or tablet is also a great way to implement summer reading. 

Have Book vs. Movie Nights

Some books have been turned into series or movies. These are a great tool for contextualizing the books your children reads. Create a challenge for them to complete the book before they watch the movie. Strengthen their comprehension skills by asking them how the movie compares to the books. This creates healthy dialogue and develops your child’s analytic skills. Plus, movie nights are just fun!

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