Helping Your Child to be Confident

Helping Your Child to be Confident

Being confident as a child can be hard with the power of social media influencing even the youngest children. Being confident is important in childhood because it sets up our personalities and ability to interact in the world as adults. Learn about ways to support your child and help them be more confident in themselves. 

Give them jobs/chores

Giving children responsibility makes them feel more confident in getting things done on their own. This produces the desire to excel and succeed through their own works. It’s important to assign tasks and responsibilities to them so that they learn how to carry out things on their own. It’s easy to do the laundry on your own or dry the dishes yourself because adults do this quicker, but giving your child that responsibility will show them that you see them as capable kids. 

Undivided attention

Giving your children your undivided attention in conversation is important for their self-esteem. When speaking to your children, make eye contact and actively listen so that they feel that you are listening and attentive to what they are saying. Children, like adults, want to know that their concerns and thoughts are being heard. Giving children your undivided attention within conversation allows them to feel heard and seen, making them feel confident in voicing their opinions. 

Know their love language and show them love that way

Everyone has their own love language, even children. Knowing their love language and loving them that way will make them feel appreciated and understood. Make it a family activity to sit down and take a love language quiz. Knowing how each member of the family loves and gives love will allow for open and effective communication. 

Ask them for their opinions

When making decisions that involve your child, ask for their opinion, with discretion. Picking out clothes, what to eat, or what song to listen to are all opinionated questions that allow children to have some free will in the choices surrounding their lives. Giving children the choice to make decisions about their lives makes them confident in being capable of problem-solving. 

Encourage them to create their own goals and achieve them

Encourage children to create goals for themselves. They can create short-term or long-term goals with a plan of action and a deadline. Creating goals themselves allows them to think about problem-solving. Being capable of completing a goal is a boost to self-esteem because it helps them to realize that they are capable of doing things they put their mind to. Achieving their goals through their own work will make them more confident in their ability to complete them on their own. 

At Lake Forrest Prep, we encourage parents to help their children become confident. As a leading Orlando private school, we want to encourage everyone to stay connected to their family. To learn more about what sets us apart from other area schools, schedule a tour online or give us a call at 407-331-5144.