Get Dirty: Why Your Kids Should Be Gardening

Get Dirty: Why Your Kids Should Be Gardening

pansy-2173953_640While winter has its charm, spring is definitely an exciting season. Temperatures begin to rise, and flowers start to make their appearance. The Orlando private school professionals at Lake Forrest Prep know how important it is for kids to spend time outdoors, and they are thrilled to share the many wonderful benefits that come when parents and kids spend time in the garden together.

  1. Children Learn Responsibility

Planting flowers and vegetables isn’t something that can be completed in just one afternoon. Plants have to be nourished, and gardening allows kids the opportunity to learn how to take care of their plants on a daily basis by watering them, making sure they are getting their required sunlight, and pulling any weeds that may steal nutrients from the plants.

  1. Children Are More Inclined to Eat Their Vegetables

When a child takes part in growing and preparing their own food, they become invested in the process. They may be more likely to try new foods and eat vegetables that they wouldn’t have touched before.

  1. Children Develop a Love of Science

Not only will younger students get the opportunity to view the transformation of a seed into an edible plant, but older children will also get to apply the scientific process to their gardening. They can hypothesize whether a flower will grow faster with or without fertilizer, whether watering the plant at a specific time of day will make a difference in how vibrant the plant’s flowers are, whether talking to a plant can help it grow, and whether a homemade insecticidal soap will work to keep insects at bay.    

  1. Children Are Able to De-Stress

According to Michigan State University, gardening is associated with reduced stress and improved mental clarity. This is true for adults and children alike, as both work and school can be stressful at times. Taking an hour before dinner to check on and care for your plants may be all you and your child need to unwind from a busy day.

For more tips and tricks on how you can get your kids interested in gardening, check out our Orlando private school blog.

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