Study Tips for Middle Schoolers

Study Tips for Middle Schoolers

study-1968077_640By the time your child reaches middle school, they will begin having more responsibilities when it comes to reading assignments, homework, and tests. It’s the perfect time for parents to help their young students learn how to be disciplined in their education, and provide them guidance as they enter high school. Here are our top 4 suggestions that will help parents lead their children into developing good study habits.

  1. Get a Student Planner

Middle schoolers should have a solid understanding of calendars and time management, but they may have never had the chance to put their knowledge into practice. Pick up a student planner for your children and show them how to schedule their study time so that they are fully prepared come test day. The planner can also be used to keep track of homework assignments, extracurricular activities, and family outings.

  1. Locate a Quiet Study Space

Kids won’t absorb what their reading if they’re sitting on a couch in the living room while their siblings are watching cartoons. Take a look at the space in your home and find a quiet spot that can be designated as your student’s study space. This could be at a desk in the child’s bedroom, at the kitchen counter away from the noise in the family room, or even at a table in a finished basement.

  1. Determine if Your Child is a Morning Person or a Night Owl

People generally fall into one of two categories. They are either sunshine and rainbows first thing in the morning, or they come alive at night. It is important to identify which category your child falls into, as this would be the best time to study. If your child is a morning person, they’ll retain the most information when putting in an hour of study time before school. Night owls will thrive when waiting until an hour or two before bed to study.  

  1. Create a Study Group

Some children are more socially motivated and would benefit from studying with a group of friends. Choose a night of the week when some of your child’s friends are free and provide them with a few healthy snacks and drinks to enjoy while studying together Repeat weekly throughout the school year. Not only does a study group encourage healthy habits, it fosters a collaborative environment.

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