Build Your Child’s Confidence

Build Your Child’s Confidence

pexels-photo-764356Every parent dreams of raising strong, courageous children who believe in themselves and their abilities. Take a look at our tips for boosting your child’s confidence and unleashing their full potential.

1. Praise Your Child for Trying

When children put forth their best effort, they should always feel proud, regardless of the outcome. Always take the time to praise your little one for trying their best. Sometimes, it’s helpful to remind older kids about greats like Einstein, who didn’t succeed with their inventions at first, but kept at it until they found success.

2. Give Your Kids the Opportunity to Make Choices

While bathing and bedtimes may not be up for discussion, there are plenty of instances when it is appropriate to give your children choices. Allowing them to have a voice in making decisions is a great way to build confidence. You may present younger children with three different outfit options, or allow a tween to decide on a the movie for family night.

3. Nurture Interests and Set Appropriate Goals

Pay attention to the interests of your child and then help him or her set goals within that field. For example, your daughter may have a love of horses. You could sign her up for lessons and create goals such as learn to trot, complete a trail ride, and master putting the saddle on the horse. As she meets those goals, her confidence will begin to grow.

4. Encourage Problem Solving

It can be so easy to intervene and come to our children’s aid; however, it is often best to encourage kids to find a solution on their own. When they reach a successful answer, they’ll feel more confident that they can tackle future obstacles and enjoy a positive outcome.
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