Excuse Me, May I Interrupt?

Excuse Me, May I Interrupt?

dominoes-1902622_640Children are not exactly known for being patient, but unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for a parent to break away from an important chore or conversation. We have a few suggestions to teach your little one the best way to get your attention without interrupting.

1. Define Interruption

Depending on your child’s age, it may be necessary to define what an interruption is. Be sure to give your child examples and even act them out so he or she fully understands when it’s okay to ask you a question and when it is appropriate to wait.

2. Introduce the Method

If you are otherwise engaged, a great way for kids to let you know they need you is to place their hand on the parent’s arm or shoulder. The child should then continue to wait patiently. The parent acknowledges them by placing their hand on top of theirs, which demonstrates that you are aware they are present, and you will assist them momentarily. Demonstrate this method a few times to help them remember what to do.

3. Reinforce Good Behavior

It won’t take long before your child gets a chance to put this new skill into practice. After your little one puts his hand on your shoulder and waits for you to finish what you’re doing, make sure you praise him. Say something like “Thomas, thank you for waiting until I was done. How can I help you?” This reinforces his good behavior so that he’ll want to continue not interrupting in the future.

4. Be Persistent

Although you may have completed a few practice exercises, your child is likely to forget what he just learned until it has become a habit. The important thing is that you remain consistent until he has the method down. When he interrupts you, take his hand and put it on your shoulder and do not respond using words. Wait until you are able to respond and then remind him of the rule before asking what he needs.

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