Tips for Helping Your Child Declutter

pexels-photo-261895It isn’t hard for children to accumulate a lot of toys. Unfortunately, if the items don’t have a set place where they can be stored away when not in use, it can leave the room looking messy and unkempt. We’re here to offer a few tips and tricks that parents can utilize to help their little ones declutter to reclaim space.

Donate Toys to Charity

The first step in decluttering is to go through each of the toys with your child and identify the items he or she is no longer interested in using. These items can then be donated to charity. This is also an excellent time to instill a giving spirit in your kids by teaching them about those who are less fortunate.

Make Use of Organizers

Your child will be more likely to keep the room neat and tidy if he or she has a place to put the toys. There are plenty of closet organizers, cubbies, and decorative storage bins on the market that you can purchase. Once installed, assist your little one in finding a home for each of the toys.  

Rotate the Toys

Children who have a hard time parting with toys may benefit from a toy-rotation schedule. Parents can divide the toys up into three or four piles and then store all but one pile in the attic. That leaves fewer toys to care for at any given time. Then, once or twice a month, swap a pile of toys from the attic with the pile in the bedroom. Your toddler will learn to love the old toys all over again.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

You may not realize it, but your kids are watching your every move. They will have no motivation to declutter their belongings if yours are a mess. Pick a room of your home and have your child watch you go through it. Show the little one you are finding a place for all of the items you keep and that you are willing to get rid of things you no longer use.  

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