5 Ways to Help Your Child Keep Track of Their Belongings

playroom-1246839_1920Although it’s frustrating when your child forgets to bring their lunch box home from school or when they lose their shoes for the 15th time, it’s important to know that this is common among children who are going through a transition period. Instead of punishing your kids, here are five tips to help your children start keeping track of their belongings.

  1. Make Sure Everything Has a Place
    Kids are much more likely to pay attention to their possessions if each item has a set place where it belongs. Install a few hooks for backpacks, hats, and raincoats and place a shoe rack at the bottom of your child’s closet. You can purchase bins and label them for blocks, craft supplies, and hair accessories.
  2. Downsize
    Sometimes children have a hard time keeping track of their belongings because they have too much stuff. Try taking a Saturday to go through each item in the room and evaluate whether that item is really needed. You can also use this opportunity to teach your little one about donating to those who are less fortunate.
  3. Establish Routines
    Healthychildren.org points out that kids do best when they follow routines that are consistent. Some daily practices that may be helpful are requiring your child to hang their backpack up as soon as they get home from school or plug their cell phone into the charger before bed. It won’t be long before that routine turns into a natural habit, which will result in your little one always knowing where their belongings are.
  4. Create a Chart
    If your child tends to be forgetful, you can create a chart or checklist for them to go over as needed. For example, you can place a note in child’s backpack with a list of items that should be place back in for the return trip home. They can pull it out before getting on the bus and check to ensure everything on the list is in their bag.
  5. Teach the Value of the Items
    Older children are capable of learning the value of the items they lose. The next time they misplace a soccer ball, take him to the sporting goods store to discover the cost of a new one. If they doesn’t locate the ball, give them chores to earn money to buy a replacement. It won’t be long before they start understanding the costs associated with being careless and how important it is to look after one’s possessions.

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