How to Have Stress-Free School Mornings

boy-457236_1920Mornings during the school year can seem especially hectic. Waking up the kids, getting them to eat breakfast quickly, and searching for that lost shoe often leave parents and children feeling a bit stressed out. We understand how important it is to start your day off on the right foot. Below are a few suggestions that will help your family look forward to each sunrise, instead of dreading it.

Spend Time Prepping the Night Before
Parents can help their children pick out an outfit for the following day, including any socks, shoes, and accessories. That way there is no time wasted on indecision or looking for a missing piece of the outfit first thing in the morning.

Kids that prefer to bring a lunch from home can also help prepare their meal before going to bed. Afterward, take a few minutes to go through the little one’s backpack. Check for any papers that need to be signed or any information about important future school events. When you’re finished, you can set the backpack by the front door.

Get Up Before the Kids
Most parents benefit from a few minutes of quiet before their children get up. Try setting your alarm 30 minutes before the kids need to wake. Use this time to sip on a cup of coffee, take a shower, or apply your makeup. When you begin your day in a relaxing and positive manner, your kids will follow suit.  

Keep Breakfast Simple
While an elaborate breakfast is tasty, it can be time-consuming to put together and eat. Instead, save this treat for a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. Throughout the school week, you’ll want to serve something that is quick to make, such as a bowl of oatmeal and a banana or a healthy cereal with a cup of yogurt.

Make Rules for Electronics and Entertainment
In order to keep your mornings stress-free, you’ll need to keep your children focused on getting ready for school. This means eliminating any possible distractions, such as morning cartoons and games on an iPad. Instead of telling the kids they can’t use these devices, set a rule for when they can. Perhaps you’ll allow 15 minutes of a television program during breakfast, or maybe you’ll strictly keep the electronics as an afterschool activity to give the children a way to unwind after a long day.

Once you begin following these tips, you’ll notice your mornings run like clockwork and no longer feel stressful.


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