STEM Crafts Perfect For Your Prep Student

bath-2562326_1280We all know most kids hate homework. Learning? Forget about it. Although most fun activities only border educational, there are some specific crafts that your child can create with education at the forefront of their minds. These crafts that incorporate STEM learning are perfect for any future scientist, mathematician, or engineering buff attending Orlando private schools.

Bath Bombs

This doubles as a cool, STEM craft and fun bath time. All you need is baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salt, water, olive oil and the essential oil of your choice. You can keep it simple with a sphere-shaped mold, or you could spice it up with different shapes. This fun craft incorporates math by using specific measurements, and once dry and thrown in the bath, watch your child’s amazement and use this as a great opportunity to reinforce some science!

Rocket Ship

With this clever trick, your child can transport their toys from one side of the room to the other. Use removable adhesive wall hooks, tacky glue, a swivel-eye pulley, and duct tape to create the coolest rocketship your child has ever seen. The pulley brings in science and engineering, make sure you tilt the strings attached from wall to wall to show your child the magic of gravity.

Yard Launcher

All you’ll need for this project is a yardstick, a metal can, rubber bands and ping pong balls. The yardstick works as a rigid beam while the metal can make the perfect fulcrum. When you place the ping pong balls to one end and your child step on the opposite end, they will end up flying! You can show your child cool tricks, like placing the ping pong balls at different points on the yardstick to see how much force it takes to move them.

If you’re looking for something creative and educational, look no further. These STEM crafts are perfect for any student, young or old, to relive the classroom in their home. Reinforce lessons learned in math and science classes taken at Orlando private schools. Check out our blog or contact us for more tips and tricks!

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