8 Reasons We Love Our School Library.

8 Reasons We Love Our School Library.

This month is National Library Lover’s Month, and for Lake Forrest Prep students, “library lovers” pretty much includes all of us! But what about libraries makes them so special? We came up with a list of our favorite reasons why we love our school library during this month: 

Libraries hold our favorite things: books!

This is probably the biggest reason by far (and it might seem too obvious): libraries house books! Books are amazing at what they do — transport us, educate us, entertain us (sometimes all in one)! Libraries bring worlds to our fingertips, and without these special places, it would be a lot harder for us to find all of these resources. 

Librarians understand their students. 

We love when our educators and administrators connect with students. Librarians have a unique bond with readers; they’re able to learn about what a student likes, what interests them, and what they naturally love to read. As the years go by, librarians can make more informed recommendations when a student asks “what should I read now?”

School libraries empower students. 

Students can also explore the library on their own time! There’s nothing more exciting than picking up a book with an interesting cover, checking out the dust jacket’s description, and making a decision: will this be my next book? Libraries give students the freedom to pick out and take home books that intrigue them, and if they don’t like them, students can return them!

They’re homework hubs!

Libraries are great opportunities for a quiet space to get work done. Some students don’t have quiet home environments, so libraries can step in and be a place where students can breathe, relax, and hear themselves think. 

School libraries give students access to technology. 

Not all students have access to a computer in the home. School libraries help put all students on equal footing by providing them with access to technology that they’ll continue to use as they get older. 

Librarians can shape a positive impact on students. 

Remember what we said earlier about librarians knowing their students well? That connection often goes beyond books. Libraries as safe spaces can often include the smiling face behind the checkout desk. Librarians are known for their helpful demeanors, even if they’re helping with something bigger than book recommendations.

School Libraries help teach news literacy. 

The reference section to any library is key to teaching students how to fact-check what they read online and hear as rumor. Libraries teach students that if something doesn’t sound quite right (or if something sounds too good to be true), they should cross-reference what they hear with reliable sources.

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