3 Ways to Learn Outside of the Classroom

pexels-photo-207653Teaching children is not always an easy task. It’s important, as a parent, to reinforce what your child is learning inside the classroom at home. This doesn’t have always have to be something specific, there are plenty of small ways to ensure your child is taking what they learn and incorporating it into their everyday life. The Orlando Private School, Lake Forrest Prep, is dedicated to bettering your child’s love for education and preparing them for higher education and further. Here are some ways you can help as well:

Focus on Your Child’s Interests

Is your child interested in sports? In science? Writing, reading, math? There has to be something that sticks with your child! It’s easy to get involved early on, so start by asking your child what they learned in school today. They will typically begin with what interested them first. Take this and think of ways you can manifest this in your household. If your child shows an interest in math, ask them to help you measure ingredients for dinner that night. If they’re more interested in reading or history, ask them to help you research an important moment in history. As an added bonus, instead of using the Internet, take your child to the library to help them learn through reading and researching in encyclopedias.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Helping your child learn shouldn’t always be about learning from text books. Textbooks are actually a quick way to get your child to become uninvolved in their studies. Instead, opt for new techniques. Kids love practicing science experiments using household tools, or counting their cereal pieces. Play games that stimulate your child’s brain, like Scrabble. You could even practice their hand eye coordination by playing various video games online like Minecraft. These will help your child see learning something new as fun and enjoyable, and not as mundane as regular studying.

Be Open to Learning

It’s important for your child to notice your interest in particular subjects as well. So, ask yourself, do you like math? Do you like science? History? Finding out where your interest align not only encourage your child to seek these subjects out as well, but they also help you teach them properly and help you understand how your child learns.

Every child learns in different, unique ways and it’s important to find the connection between you and your child, so you can reinforce what they may be learning in their classroom. Orlando private schools are expected to teach your child throughout their student career, but it’s important for parents to know and reinforce their children’s learning capabilities at home to ensure that students become well-rounded individuals in class and beyond. To learn more about Lake Forrest Prep School, read our blog or contact us today!

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