Weekend Activities That Can Help Refresh Your Child’s Brain

father-daughter-beach-sea-38302It was only a few months ago that the students of the Orlando Private School, Lake Forrest Prep, were dismissed to enjoy fun under the sun. Hopefully, what they had learned from the previous school year was not forgotten the moment they stepped off the campus. Here are a few ways to sneak in some lessons to help them freshen up their brains for during the beginning of the new school year.

Shell at the Beach

Get some vitamin sea and also sharpen their math skills with this fun activity. Gather as many shells of varying sizes and color as you can. Organize them and practice addition and subtraction exercises, as you organize or decorate a sand castle. For an even greater challenge, use multiplication and division as a way to test their thinking. Continue the fun by having a competition with whoever getting the questions correct first becoming the Shell King or Queen and gets to decided which shells they can bring home.

Arts & Crafts

It’s important to let your child express their creative side, especially when they’re tired and worn down from the beginning of the school year. Take your kid to a pottery class where they can mold their own sculptures and have free reign to reopen their imagination. Not only will this help your child wind down after a stressful week of school, but this will also get them to think out of the box, which will help them grow in their studies throughout the year.

Make History Cool

A lot of times, kids have trouble developing an interest in history because it’s mostly described in text books. Feel free to take your child to museums on the weekend, this will help them put history into reality and will open their mind to how things were “back in the day.” Although history is a tough subject area for kids to comprehend or find interesting, allowing your child to experience history through interactive museums will help them think critically, as well as understand different walks of life.

It’s important to not let your child burn out too soon into the school year. After a summer full of fun, relaxing, and vacation, it’s important to keep the fun alive throughout the school year. Visiting the beach, arts crafts, and interactive museums are a great way to keep your child refreshed and ready for a year full of learning.  If you’re interested in learning about Orlando private schools and how Lake Forrest Prep can help your child grow throughout their academic career, read our blog or contact us today to schedule a tour!

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