Determining Goals for the Next School Year

Determining Goals for the Next School Year

pexels-photo-207658As your child gets older, it becomes more and more important for them to learn how to set proper goals. When your child is younger, this is easy to reinforce with simple projects around the house. Orlando private schools believe every student should understand the importance of setting specific, measurable, achievable, reliable, and timely goals.

At-Home Goal Tally

Setting your child up for success at home is one sure-fire way to enable them to set and achieve goals inside and outside of the classroom. When your child completes a task, such as doing laundry, cleaning up their room, and emptying out their closet, consider rewarding them. You can keep track of their goals and their rewards on a poster that you can put on your fridge, in your office, or on the back of their bedroom door. Anytime your child completes a goal they set for themselves, give them a gold star. Once they reach a certain amount of gold stars, give them a choice. Whether they want ice cream, a new stuffed animal, or all of the above, it’s up to them at the end of the day to complete the goal to get the reward. This will teach your child the importance of hard work, goal setting, and never giving up.

Set SMART Goals

It’s not only important for your child to know how to set goals and how to achieve them, but it’s important they know how their goals should be calculated. This is why every child should learn to set SMART goals. SMART goals is an acronym for goals that specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. To make sure your child’s goal is specific, ask them questions such as: “what do you want to achieve?” “how will you achieve it?” In order to make sure the goal is measurable and achievable, ask your child how they will be able to tell when the goal is complete. Also, ask them when they want to reach their goal by. Making sure their goal is relevant and timely is the easy part. Make sure your child knows a reasonable time to complete their goal and make sure that it will benefit them in the long run, and is not just something short term. Ask your child when the goal is able to be complete, is it weeks, months, years?


Your child’s goals need to follow the SMART formula to ensure that they are growing and prospering. This could be within their academics, within their social life, or in your family. Setting your child up for success begins with helping them make, implement, and achieve goals that will help them in the long run. This can include behavior changes, lifestyle changes, or even help them boost their school grades. Orlando private schools help teach your children about setting SMART goals, but it’s something that needs to be reinforced by parents everywhere. If you want more tips, or are interested in attending Lake Forrest Prep School, you can read our blog or contact us today to schedule a visit!

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