Help Your Child be Safe Online

The evolution of the Internet brings forth excitement and danger. It’s not that off the mark to consider the Internet as the wild west, where you may need to be careful where you wander. Nevertheless, your child will more than likely be exposed to the Internet with or without your permission. So how can you keep your child safe while online? Let one of the best private schools in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep, help you with some tips on keeping your child safe.

  • Be engaged: It’s always important to pay attention to what sites your child visits frequently. You can do this by using the web with them. Also, it’s nice to show support in their choices of online communities and forums. If you notice inappropriate material while surfing the web together, don’t scold the child. React in a constructive manner so the child can learn from it.
  • Support good choices: Expand your child’s online privileges and freedom when it becomes age appropriate. As children grow up, they can feel competent with their online behavior without searching for or being exposed to inappropriate material.
  • Watch for a virus: Malware, trojans, worms: the list can go on for malicious software viruses. Without a proper anti-virus software to stop these programs, your child’s information, and your information, as well, can be at risk. Keep an updated version of your preferred anti-virus software, and backup important computer files regularly.
  • Teach critical thinking: Most malicious software viruses disguise themselves as ads which trick users into thinking that they’ve won an item or they are able to claim a special prize. Teach your children to shy away from these ads and websites containing these ads. More often than not, your child won’t need to download much when surfing the web.
  • Be aware of devices that can use the Internet: Gone are the days where the only way you’d connect to the Internet was through a computer. Nowadays, almost every smart device can connect to the Internet. Understand which of your devices are able to connect, and make sure that your children are using them properly.

There can be many rules that go along with your child searching the web, but don’t constrict them. Make your child feel competent with their safe Internet browsing by experiencing it with them and slowly giving them more freedom.

Being one of the leading private schools in Orlando, Lake Forrest prep works to ensure that all Internet experiences that your child has are safe. Our school takes your child’s personal information and security seriously. For more information on Lake Forrest Prep or our educational or character curriculum, contact us or schedule a tour today!

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