Raising A Science Lover

Raising A Science Lover

Kids are known to say the darnedest things, and they are also known to ask the most questions. This child-like sense of wonder is powerful, and encouraging it can help them stay excited about learning, especially about science which is fueled by asking questions. As one of the best preparatory schools in Orlando, we’re sharing tips on how to keep your children’s curiosity alive and raise a science lover.

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1. Share in your child’s curiosity.

Inspire and promote your child’s curiosity by also asking questions and wondering out loud. For example, wonder out loud what kind of bird is by the pond. When they ask questions, turn it around by encouraging them to come up with their own answers or hypothesis. Ask them what they think. This will help them develop their problem-solving skills.

2. Do science-related activities outside of the classroom.

Often times, local recreation centers have science-related activities. In Orlando, we are fortunate enough to have the Orlando Science Center. Take your children on a trip here or consider getting a membership. Other great outings to learn about science include aquariums, botanical gardens, and zoos.

3. Expose your children to science-related TV shows, magazines, books, and toys.

Check out books on science at your local library. Find science magazines for your child to read. Have them watch educational science shows. Get them toys that focus on teaching about STEM and science, such as  Magna-Tiles, GoldieBlox building sets, and Minecraft.

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4. Do fun science experiments together as a family.

This is a great way to mix in family bonding with learning. While everyone is learning you are also creating cherishable memories. It’s a fun way for kids to learn without it feeling like schoolwork. 

5. Combat stereotypes.

For years, companies have marketed STEM toys for young boys and girls have been marketed things like fashion and makeup. It still happens a lot today. Teach your children that STEM topics are for everyone — not just for boys. 

There are many benefits to getting your children excited about science. It teaches them how to solve open-ended problems, how to experiment, and gives them a healthy appetite for learning how things work. At Lake Forest Prep, one of the best preparatory schools, we are excited to develop our future scientists and STEM professionals.