Why Your Child Should Be Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Why Your Child Should Be Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons seems to be surging in popularity — and with good reason. This immersive game encourages players to build a world, exercise creative thinking, and even practice their math skills. That’s why Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, encourages you and your child to get in on the fun. 

Purple dice on top of yellow book

Foster a Love of Reading

Dungeons and Dragons is an epic adventure that, unfortunately, has to end when the game is over. However, that fantasy world exists beyond gameplay, and you can find it in many books. By encouraging your child to play Dungeons and Dragons, you are simultaneously encouraging their love of reading, adventure, and exploration. 

A Practical Math Application

A role-playing game, the player’s actions are often determined by a series of numbers. The first set includes character abilities, all of which have a certain store. Then, the player rolls a twenty-sided dice, combining that score with their ability score to determine the probability that the player’s action will be successful. All of this to say, even one night of playing encourages your child to exercise their math skills — and encourages them to learn in the process.

Dice on top of hand drawn map

Increased Vocabulary

Dungeons and Dragons is, at its core, one epic adventure. And if there’s anything The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones has taught us is that epic adventures often use an obscure vocabulary. Dungeons & Dragons relies on unique vocabulary to world build, encouraging your child to learn their meanings in order to fully immerse themselves in the game.

Lifelong Friends

If you’ve seen Stranger Things, you may recognize the game that lies at the core of their friendship. Dungeons and Dragons encourages you to work with (and occasionally against) your friends, strengthening your relationships. And after spending hours creating a world that only you are intimately familiar with, well, that just creates a special bond that lasts for life. 

While you may spend the entirety of Dungeons and Dragons building a fantasy world, you’re exercising very real skills. Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, encourages your family to join the fun and dive into the world of fantasy-building and real-life applications that it offers. To learn more about how video games can help your child learn and what apps encourage your child’s love of learning, read our blog.