Bringing Biology Back: 3 Science Experiments

Bringing Biology Back: 3 Science Experiments

Biology is a fascinating subject that your child can study in depth at their Orlando private school. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get them excited about science right at home! With a little creativity and planning, you’ll be able to conduct experiments from the comfort of your own kitchen to help get your child ready for science class. Here are a few great biology experiments to try at home.

Dying Flowers

Plants are a key component of most biology classes, and they’re the perfect introduction to home-based experiments. For this experiment, all you need is a cup of water, some food coloring, a clean, clear vase, and a long-stemmed flower. For best results, use a flower that has white or light-colored petals. To start, mix the food coloring and water in the vase. Then, put the flower in the water so that half the stem is covered by the dyed water. Over the next few days, ask your children to make notes about the water level, the color of the stem, and the look of the petals. Eventually, the dye should reach the petals, illustrating how plants use water to feed their flowers.

Viewing Bacteria

Our hands are naturally covered in thousands of bacteria every day. These organisms move from our hands to the items we touch, and evidence of their existence can be seen even without a microscope. In this experiment, you’ll need a gelatin dessert, a clean glass jar, and your hands. The gelatin can be pre-made, or you can make it from a box mix. Put the gelatin in the jar and have your child touch the surface of it. Then, cover the jar and set it in a warm place. After a few days, small white specs should appear on the surface. These are bacteria colonies that sprouted from the ones on your hands!

Visualize DNA

DNA is the building block of life, and it’s easy to extract DNA at home! Spit into a glass and add a small amount of salt, a few drops of liquid dish soap, a splash of grapefruit juice, and a few drops of vodka. Then, stir the ingredients together. After a few moments, you should see white strings or filaments in the liquid. These filaments are your DNA.

At Lake Forrest Prep, our teachers believe that science should be fun and can extend well beyond the classroom of your Orlando private school. For more tips and tricks to keep your child engaged and learning, visit our blog.