Creating a Zen Zone

Creating a Zen Zone

Now that private elementary schools are back in session, your kids are going to need a dedicated place to study and complete their homework. While the dining table may be a popular choice, the noisy activity of everyone else in the household can be distracting. Instead of asking your child to focus amidst the hustle and bustle of other family members, use these simple tips to create a quiet, zen-like study space that they can use for the rest of the year.

Pick the Right Spot for The Study Nook

For many elementary students, removing distractions can help them focus. While taking away the temptation of cell phones and mobile devices will help, it’s also important to find the right place to study. Choose an area that’s free of distractions like televisions, windows, and excessive noise. For many kids, the perfect spot is in the corner of their room. If your child has access to technology in their room, enforce a strict no television, cell phone, or tablet rule until their homework is finished.

Give Them a Desk

It’s important for kids to have a space that they can call their own, where they can spread out their books and get to work. Instead of asking them to work at the dining table and forcing them to pick up their papers before dinner, give them a desk just for doing work. A dedicated study space helps get kids in the right mindset and makes it easier for them to maintain focus.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Light

Studying in dim light strains the eyes and can make it harder for your child to concentrate. Similarly, overly bright light can be just as distracting. Instead of relying on the overhead light, invest in a few desk lamps or standing floor lamps, and let your child adjust the light as needed. This way, they’re able to create an atmosphere that inspires them to focus, even if that atmosphere changes with their mood.

Make Supplies Accessible

Constantly running to sharpen pencils or fetch a new sheet of paper can be a major distraction. Make sure your child’s desk is well-equipped for all of their studying needs. Keep a cup of sharpened pencils on the desk, or give them a pencil sharpener that can stay in the desk drawer. Fill a drawer with paper, scissors, and any other items your child may need to get their work done without interruption.

With the right study space, your children will be better equipped to excel this year at their private elementary schools. No matter what the setup is like at home, at Lake Forrest Prep, our teachers will work to prepare your child every day. If you feel that they’re struggling or want to enrich their learning with extra-curricular activities, reach out today.