Set Yourself Up For Success: Study Habits

Set Yourself Up For Success: Study Habits

The school year is finally here, and that means classes are in full swing at your child’s Orlando private school. For kids, a new school year represents new academic challenges that can be met by studying hard, paying attention, and  asking for help when they need it. At Lake Forrest Prep, our teachers will help your child succeed in the classroom, but they still need to study at home! Here are a few study habits that will set your child up for success this school year.

Stay Positive

When a child is struggling in a subject or doesn’t enjoy studying the topic, it’s easy for them to become frustrated. This often results in sayings like, “This is boring,” or “I’m never going to understand this.” Instead of letting them be negative, try to put a positive spin on things. Before they sit down and start studying, have them say something they’ve done well in class that day or state something in the subject that they’re good at. This simple act can change your child’s mindset and make studying a bit easier.

Create a Designated Study Zone

Where your child studies has a strong impact on their productivity and retention. Instead of letting them study in front of the television or sprawled out on their bed, set up a designated study spot. This can be a particular chair at the dining table or a desk in their bedroom. The important thing is to remove distractions and allow them to focus on their schoolwork.

Get Involved

You may not be a math whiz anymore, but you can help your student test their retention by quizzing them with flashcards or asking them to summarize the story they’re reading for class. This will help them retain the information as they work on their homework, while also making you more aware of where they’re getting stuck or confused.

Reach Out For Help

If your student seems to be struggling with a particular subject or concept, don’t wait for them to figure it out on their own or give up — get help. If you’re not sure who to go to, ask your child’s teacher for a recommendation for a tutor or academic assistance program. The sooner your child is able to master a concept they’re struggling with, the better prepared they’ll be when the class moves on.

Study habits can make all the difference in how your child does in school. Set them up for a successful academic year at their Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, with these easy study tips. Check out our online calendar to keep both yourself and your child involved in all the happenings this year.