3 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater at School

child-eating-881200_1280If you’ve ever wondered who your child’s arch-nemesis is, it’s their stomach. Sometimes, you just can’t seem to get your kid to enjoy any food you make. Instead of taking it personally, we believe it’s time to flip the script. At Orlando private schools, we know how picky students can be. And how difficult it can be to get your child to eat their vegetables, or anything other than butter pasta, but these small steps could have your child on their way to eating vegetables with every meal. Yes, every meal.

Start Small

Every parent knows the face. When the nose gets scrunched and your child’s lips are closed tight. We know what you’re thinking…not again. It’s important for kids to learn boundaries and compromise. When it comes to food, give your child some options. No, they can’t have chicken fingers every night even though it’s their favorite, but giving them the option to choose gives them a little more responsibility and say in what they eat.

No More Side Dishes

If there’s one thing a kid hates, it’s the green stuff on their plate. From string beans to broccoli, I mean, could you imagine your child eating a brussel sprout? Well, have no fear. Incorporating vegetables into the meal, rather than as a boring side dish, could be the cure! If your child loves pasta, try creating a vegetable-based sauce. Mixing vegetables in with rice or their eggs just might end up being your child’s favorite entree.

Save Some Room for Dessert

A great way to encourage your children to eat is by rewarding them with a sweet treat. If your child hates chicken but loves strawberries, tell them if they try one bite, they can get a strawberry surprise later. Mixing healthier desserts, like yogurt with granola, or peanut butter and bananas can give your child the nutrients he lacks during mealtime while encouraging them to at least try the dinner beforehand.

It’s time to say goodbye to frustrated dinner time. Although it can sometimes feel like the children run the house, by enacting these three small steps, you will become the ruler all over again. If you want more parents tips and tricks, visit our blog page or feel free to contact Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, to learn more!


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