Developing Strong Readers

Reading provides a countless number of benefits: a greater vocabulary, increased knowledge in general, more understanding of other cultures, and better performance in school. As a parent of a student in one of the best schools in Orlando, why wouldn’t you help your child become a better reader? This summer, your student will have more time on their hands, so it is a great time to work on sharpening those reading skills. Here are a few ways you can help develop your child into a strong reader.


  • Find appropriate books.


Every child reads at their own level. A friend of your child may be reading a certain series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for your child. By reading with your child, you can understand their reading capabilities. With that understanding, you can work with a librarian or do some research to help your child find books that are suitable to their level.

This also includes keeping your children’s interests in mind. For example, if your child likes ballet, a book like Bravo, Tanya, about a struggling ballet dancer, may be more intriguing. There are children’s books for almost any hobby, so finding books suited to your children’s interests won’t be difficult.


  • Spend time reading together.


Reading together can make a real impact on your child. First, it allows you to bond. It also allows you to help them sound out and learn the meaning of new words. The more your child grows their vocabulary, the more they will comprehend what they are reading. This will be an excellent skill to have throughout life.


  • Encourage your child to write.


Just as reading can help your child develop a variety of skills, so can writing. Writing also helps children develop creativity and individual thinking. With a few writing prompts, children will have many activities to complete throughout the summer, and once the summer ends, you and your child can look back and see how much they’ve progressed.

Reading is one of the most important skills for children to develop, and summer shouldn’t be a roadblock to their success. By taking the time to establish some positive reading habits this summer, your child will be ready to return to Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best schools in Orlando, in the fall ready to impress their new teacher with their reading progress and skills.

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