4 Easy Ways For Your Children to Show Love this Father’s Day

Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18, will be here before you and the family know it! Father’s Day is a special time for the whole family to show Dad a little extra appreciation and love. Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, has gathered this list of ways the kids can show Dad their love this year. Whether it is a handmade gift, a special activity, or just a “thank you,” this Father’s Day can be extra special for you, your children, and the all the fathers in your life.

  • Participate in Special Activities

When it comes to Father’s Day, sometimes a unique activity is the perfect way to spend some quality time together. If Dad has special skills, such as being an excellent handyman or craftsman, ask him to show the kids what he’s good at. This allows Dad to share, and the kids get to learn something new. If your children’s dad is particularly interested in sports, take some time to go outside and participate in a game of basketball or soccer. The kids can even take a walk or a swim with Dad.

  • Create a Homemade Gift

There is nothing more special than a gift with thought put into it. Families can create homemade cards, treats, or other trinkets for dad. Many of these gifts, aside from special treats, can be saved forever. Not only will the homemade items make Dad feel special on Father’s Day, but they will bring him joy every time he looks back on them.

  • Talk With Him

It means a lot to parents to impart words of wisdom to their children. The kids can sit down with Dad and talk with him about his childhood, his life experiences, and any advice he has. This will help them to bond and could leave a lasting impression on the kids and on their dad.

  • Make Sacrifices

Small sacrifices, even just giving up the remote for the night, can make Dad feel special. On Father’s Day, the kids can help create his favorite meal, clear their schedules to spend time with Dad, and give him full control over the day’s activities. These sacrifices may be small, but they can mean a lot.

This Father’s Day, enlist the help of your children to make it the best Father’s Day yet. These are some easy, yet effective ways to show Dad a little extra love. We hope that all of our Orlando private school students have an excellent day celebrating Dad. For more helpful tips, continue to read our blog!

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