Helping Your Child with Studying

Studying habits can vary from child to child. Some may be open to good study habits, while others may hate it. Not only can a child benefit from help developing their studying skills, but also the parents and teachers that are involved with the student’s education will benefit. No parent or teacher likes to see a student struggle in class. So, how can you as a parent help improve your child’s study skills? Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best private schools in Orlando, Florida, is sharing some steps on how you can help your child develop their studying skills.

Provide Strong Role Models

Role models are a great way for children to get an idea of what is and isn’t a good form of studying. Try and find someone who has a developed strong study skills, and allow your child to spend time studying with them or ask them about their studying habits. Also, tell your child stories about the time of your studies and how you used to overcome obstacles and study fatigue.

Start Young

You should begin to expose your child to studying and time management as soon as he or she starts any type of schooling. Teach the idea that school is the main priority, and luxuries like video games and tablets are a privilege earned afterward. This time management skill will grow along with their education.

Be Involved

Staying involved in your child’s studies can give him or her a sign that he or she is not isolated while studying. If your child has a question that cannot be figured out, help as best as you can. Also, make study sessions fun and interactive so your child can find it enjoyable.

Understand Their Friend Group

Children can be influenced by friends around them, and if you see that the friends that your child associates with aren’t as interested in school or studying, odds are those characteristics can rub off your child. Keep in mind that your child’s social life is important, so make sure that if you do talk to your child about it, be understanding. Allow your child to determine whether that friend is beneficial or not, or if they should distance themselves a bit. If this problem continues, you may want to speak to the child’s parents.
Studying is vital to your child’s education, so being as involved in their studying skills as you can will benefit your child greatly. As one of the best private schools in Orlando, Florida, we strive to grow your child’s study skills. These skills will be useful not only during their school years, but also long into life. If you’d like more information about Lake Forrest Prep or our curriculum, please feel free to contact us at 407-331-5144.

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