Nourish Your Children with These Nutritional Examples

Proper nutrition is extremely beneficial to a child’s growth, and the same can be said about adults. The types of nutrition that a person needs to stay nourished are usually the same for each and every person; vitamins, fat, protein, minerals etc. So, what are some of the nutrient-dense foods that can help your child stay nourished and healthy throughout the school day and during activities? One of the best private schools in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep, would like to share some nutritional examples for children or even adults.

  • Protein: Greek yogurt, oats, milk, and broccoli are great non-meat based ways to gain protein. Some meat-based options are lean meats, poultry, and seafood such as salmon or tuna.
  • Fruits: You should encourage your child to eat fruits for dessert. This is a great way to tame a sweet tooth and provide beneficial nutrients like vitamin C and B. Avoid fruit cups that contain fruit syrup and potentially large amounts of sugar. Instead, look for fruit cups packed with fruit juice to avoid large amounts of sugar. Great examples of fruits that pack vitamins are apples, plums, peaches, blackberries, and oranges.
  • Vegetables: A variety of fresh vegetables can seem more appealing to kids that aren’t fans of particular vegetables. Try and include an array of dark green, orange and red vegetables, including peas and beans. Be wary of frozen vegetables; they may pack a high amount of sodium.
  • Grains: Try and stay away from refined grains; these grains are modified greatly from their natural composition, which removes many nutrients in the process. A better example is to choose whole grains, like oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, and wheat bread.
  • Dairy: The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends any child that’s nine years old or older to consume at the minimum three cups of milk a day. This is required to fill your recommended dairy intake for essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, and potassium. Some other great options for dairy consumption are cheese and soy beverages.

Don’t mistake saturated fats with good fats that can come from seafood, nuts, and avocados. Saturated fats can be prevalent in junk foods and dairy products that contain full-fat. Proud to be one of the premier private schools in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep provides the best nutritional options for our student’s breakfast and lunch options. If you’d like more information, please contact us at 407-331-5144.

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