Commemorating Karen Anderson This Founder’s Week

As Lake Forrest Prep continues proving itself to be one of the best private schools in Orlando, Florida, it’s appropriate to highlight the beginning drive behind our unique prep school.  From its establishment in 1991 until now, a tremendous 26 years of function, Lake Forrest Prep wouldn’t be the great school that it is today without the vision of Karen Anderson, our founder.  

Ms. Anderson’s dream during her youth was to have a “little red schoolhouse.” Her dream never faltered throughout the years. She continuously envisioned a school that would welcome each child with open arms, where children could grow and prosper, and where students were able to learn how to achieve their goals and become successful, good citizens. That vision has come to fruition. By teaching with respect and kindness to each and every child, students appreciate themselves and their learning, with test scores backing this up. With the philosophy to tailor each student’s learning path in correlation to their learning abilities, educational standing, and interests, Lake Forrest Prep has solidified ourselves as a school that students are excited to learn at.

In order for her dream to become a reality, Mrs. Anderson hand-picked teachers who showed a genuine drive to help your child learn. Most of these dedicated teachers have become part of the school’s family, and many are continuing their love of teaching by helping our students grow today. Another key that Mrs. Anderson believed in was parent’s involvement in education. Involvement ranges from participating in volunteer work at the school or attending parent/teacher conferences, to even assisting sports teams and field trips. Your involvement in your child’s education will not only strengthen your relationship, but it fortifies the feeling that your child is not alone in their education.

At Lake Forrest Prep, we commemorate Karen Anderson for her never-ending drive and love of teaching each and every child. Although Mrs. Anderson is not with us today, she left her spirit of great teaching for all of the Lake Forrest Prep staff to embody. A Lake Forrest Prep alum and our former Kindergarten teacher, Jenna Kirsch, stated, ”She was the sunshine at Lake Forrest Prep and will be shining down on us forever and always.” Since Mrs. Anderson’s creation of Lake Forrest Prep, our school has grown to become known as one of the best private schools in Orlando, Florida. For more information about Lake Forrest Prep’s history or curriculum, contact us today.

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